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8 Lifetime hacks that will make your life easier

People are fond of life hacks because it saves their time to do something in the simplest way. Life hacks make your everyday life faster, easier, and efficient. Anyone can come up to any distracted situation that can eat hours of our day but there are some easy life hacks that can solve those problems in a matter of minutes.

Here are the top 8 life hacks that will take you out of any sudden situation.

  1. Bob pins can help you in laces

If you take time in untying the knots of your laces, then try out this! You can use bob pins to untie the stuck knot of your shoes in seconds.

  1. Natural light in basement

Do you want natural light in your basement? Try this hack! You can use the old window by painting them and fixing LED lights in windows. 

  1. Dont get confused with the earphone sides

If you are fond of using earphones every time but confused about the right and left sides. Then try out this! You can simply change the rubber color of the earphone to recognize the side instantly. 

  1. Protect yourself with overheated oil

Are you afraid of using oil in the kitchen to avoid skin burns? This might be strange but too helpful for her. Just check how!

  1. Holding mobilephone during flights

If you want to watch a movie during flights but your hand gets tired. Don’t panic. Just see how you can make the best use of plastic bags on the flight to get rid of holding a mobile phone for hours.

  1. Ski goggles to avoid tears

Everyone cries while cutting onions in the kitchen. But if you don’t want tears in your eyes, then you can simply wear your Ski goggles.

  1. Easy way to wear facemasks

Covid has made everyone wear facemasks to avoid the spread of the virus. But are you tired of wearing them the whole day? Try out this hack! You can sew buttons on your headband and tie the mask with it. It will help to reduce the pain behind the ears.

  1. Eat your snacks anytime

You can eat your unfinished snacks later without bothering of them being soggy. All you need is to close the packet like this. It will keep your chips fresh.