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Mother slams Southwest airline employee for mocking her daughter’s name

It is a tragic reality that we are residing in such a time where individuals are consistently tracking down reasons to mock other people. The activity of taunting others is viewed as totally good with them which is something heartless to try and consider. Also the harm it does to an individual’s sentiments and character is very irreversible.

This mocking act becomes intolerable for a woman when this was done with her daughter. It happens with a 5-year-old young girl while getting back from a vacation with her family.

A mother named Traci Redford saw all the ridiculing and laughing by the staff of her 5-years daughter while she was in the process of boarding with her family.

Traci’s little girl has an exceptionally surprising name and that is Abcde. Yes, you heard it right! Her little girl is named Abcde however they say it is to pronounce as Ab-city.

Abcde is a five-year-old young girl experiencing epilepsy. Traci alongside her family went for a vacation in Orange, California. They were returning to their home when this terrible incident happened.

As per her mother, Abcde was left “upset” subsequent to hearing the staff’s remarks.

“She asked, ‘Mum for what reason is she chuckling at my name’ I replied that not every person is nice not every person will be great and it’s very unlucky.”

Traci further said that when they arrived at John Wayne Airport, the agent at the registration counter also giggled at her name.

The gate agent also started laughing while pointing at my daughter. I turned back and said that I and my daughter can hear you both. It would be really good if you stop.

Moreover, Traci shared it was more disappointing to see when the same employee who laughed at her daughter shared the boarding pass of Abcde on Facebook. She further told that the staff member also took the photograph of the boarding pass in front of her and its too surprising to see it online. She was not aware of the picture as someone from her circle saw it on Facebook and reported the incident to Southwest airlines.

She said that she received an apology from Southwest airlines within two weeks. The apology states:

We extend our deepest apologies to the family. We invest heavily in extending our hospitality to each one of our clients which incorporates living by the golden rule and approaching each person with respect either online or in person.

We do not expect this behavior from our employees as we have followed up with all employees that were involved in this incident. We cannot disclose the actions to the public, we are utilizing this incident as an opportunity to strengthen our policy.

All these incidents make me question humanity if it still exists in today’s world. We wish all the best to the little girl who has to go through this trauma at such an early age.