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This girl was mocked up by the job interviewer via text

It is a verifiable truth followed by everyone across all organizations to act in a professional way at every step including while hiring someone. It is an important component for both the employer and the candidate. You should introduce yourself in every manner whether you’re at a bank, or as a clerk at Taco Bell so that they see the need to hire you immediately.  

However, these notable things don’t generally turn out for everyone. An 18-year-old young lady Megan Dixon came to know that life is not all about sitting pretty and not everyone follows such etiquettes. I bet she might be thinking later this experience that she’s much better off without a job.

Imagine going for an interview with full energy and with full confidence that you will make it in the interview as it’s simply a waitress job. But you are dismissed by the interviewer. It surely breaks the spirit of anyone and moreover, it hurts them especially when a teenage girl thinks to make some additional money for her educational expense perhaps, or for a mid-year break she arranged alongside her friends.

The 18-years old teenager went to a steak house named Miller and Carter for a waitress job. She was certain that she was not unique like other young girls who work for the additional time to get some money. However, there was no such chance at any point to receive a humiliating text from the interviewing manager minutes after she left the meeting.

The assistant manager of the job named Shelton Wesson messaged her “it’s a no” soon after leaving the meeting. Megan asked with respect to for what reason to which she was told that she utilized “like” something over the top and that was generally very “basic” and fundamental. They incorporated an embarrassing emoji towards the end of the text.

And it’s not where the story ends.

The 18-year old couldn’t handle the embarrassment and humiliation that she slammed the restaurant online on Twitter. Her tweet gained great attention and thus, she ended up with a meeting with the mirror. She told:

Her phone was going off all through the meeting. I was stunned. The least she ought to have given me was some legitimate feedback. It was truly obnoxious.

Shantel Wesson was the person who sent an instant interview response to Megan.

The restaurant handled all this situation in a decent way after looking at all the attention that Megan got. They made this announcement.

We owe an apology to Megan. It was never our aim to be disrespectful or upset her in any capacity. The messages were sent by mistake and were intended for our manager, not the applicant.”

After such an experience, we hope that Megan gets sufficiently able to continue on from it. She learned a few things from the experience which might incorporate that she ought not to be saying the word “like” a lot while going for the interview.

And furthermore, trust that the steakhouse sorted out some way to have individuals with better habits and decorum to be their administrating and interviewing managers.