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7 Celebrities with bizarre food habits

Every person has any particular habit that reflects their personality as a whole. Some people have weird habits and some have very weird eating habits. For certain individuals, these sorts of habits appear to be odd however for some individuals, these habits are simply lobe that they like to do it constantly.

Furthermore, very much like typical people, our dearest and favorite celebrities likewise have some peculiar eating habits which they love to do. All we can say is that each person has a different tastebud yet everyone does have occasional food cravings but some have certain eating habits that one can even imagine.

If you want to know about which celebrities have weird eating habits then scroll down to see the list of your favorite 7 celebrities who have different tastebuds.

1. Ringo Star never had a pizza

How can someone imagine that anyone doesn’t like eating pizza? Well, this person is none other than Ringo Star. He had never eaten pizza throughout his entire life due to his allergy issues with onion and curry as the pizza sauce contains onions on it.

2.De Laurentiis eats cookies by dipping them in lemonade

Talking about the celebrity’s weird eating habits, De Laurentiis is the one who likes the weird combo of eating cookies by dipping them in a lemonade. She likes sweets and sour combinations together.

3. Kylie Jenner prefers eating dry cereal

Everyone likes eating cereals by slowly pouring the milk over cereal by making it less dry and easy to swallow. but this is not the case with the stunning and beautiful owner of a cosmetic company called Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie likes to eat dry cereal without having the milk poured on it.

4. Queen Elizabeth and her royal breakfast

You probably think the royal queen eating a delicious and fancy breakfast. But the queen of the United Kingdom herself proves wrong by showing that she doesn’t eat any of the fancy breakfast. She drinks a cup of tea with a bowl of plain cornflakes.

5. Kourtney Kardashian shares a fun way to eat Kitkat

You probably eat chocolate by eating the bar of chocolate one after another throughout your entire life. But Kourtney Kardashian shares a different and fun way to eat Kitkat. She learned this technique from her sister Kim.

Kourtney shared a Youtube tutorial where she tells about 6 easy techniques to eat KitKat to make it tastier. She simply splits the bars and bit them from both sides to fish chocolates from the edges. Then she whips off the chocolate from the sides and did the same from the top and bottom chocolate layer. After that, she eats the single wafer. She said to give it a try as it tastes so much better like this.

6. Taylor Swift drinks Lavender Lemonade

 Taylor Swift rules the heart of many people with her divine beauty and beautiful voice. She belongs to the list of best-selling music artists with sales of making records with over 200 million worldwide.

The secret behind her beautiful shape is Lavender honey lemonade. She loves to drink her favorite lavender honey lemonade drink with sandwiches.

7. Beyonce dips Bananas in ketchup; strange pregnancy cravings

Ketchup is the king of condiments when you’re eating delicious snacks. But have you ever tried eating ketchup with Bananas? Well, it’s a unique and very weird combination. However, the famous American Singer Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter loves this combo.

She revealed that she used to eat this unique and weird combination of eating bananas with ketchup during her pregnancy and she craves it all the time. So she has to eat this combo to satisfy her cravings.