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Famous celebrities shared parenting tips that are worth giving a try

Celebrities always seem to live the best luxury life one could ever have. Moreover, it seems like they are so lucky that they do not have to care about anything. Like everyone else, celebrities also have a family around to take care of. They are also blessed with babies who demand great attention and love from their loved ones.

This article covers the story of famous celebrities who have shared their great parenting tips that are definitely worth a try.

  1. Chrissy Teigan encouraged her children towards eating by making a menu

Chrissy Teigan is a great actress, model, cook, and last but not the least, a mother. She has fulfilled all her roles in the kitchen as her children are very particular about eating. When the children are picky eaters, making them eat food is nothing more than a challenge. To persuade her children towards eating, she came up with the idea of making a breakfast menu and letting them make a choice on their own. She told me it is not just the adults that need good dining but this is also the case with the kids. This idea worked like wonders and made every mother do the same.

2. Busy Philips made the chicken eat vegetables with a sibling rivalry strategy

It is very difficult to make the kids take the vitamins regularly. When nothing helped, Philips came with a great idea. She told that she planned to invite the kids for an eating competition without letting them know the purpose. She was sure that Cricket would end up eating broccoli first, upon which Birdie will try her best to beat Cricket. This plan worked like a magic and encouraged children to eat the veggies without even thinking about their dislikes. None of the parents wish to see their children competing with each other but there is nothing wrong if the intentions are right.

3. Melissa John Hart purchased a fragrant soap for some reason

Good parenting is quite very challenging but can be made easier if one knows certain tips and tricks. Melissa told that her husband always the children to wash their hands before doing anything but the children always find a way to trick their parents. So, we came up with the idea of buying an aromatic soap for them. After coming from sports when the children were asked about washing their hands they usually lie about it. But buying a fragrant soap will tell whether or not they have washed their hands. So, whenever they come from outside I ask them to buy wash their hands.

4. Gisele Bundchen shared a great tip to train kids for washroom

Getting the kids to use the pot after getting rid of the diapers is not an easy thing to do. But Gisele came up with the best idea. This trick worked even on her 6 months old son. You just need to watch the kids closely and with full attention. When you get a hint that he’s about to do, all you have to do is just put them on the pot and wait for some minutes, and there you go. She added that doing this to your child multiple times a day will let him learn the best.

5. Sarah Michelle Gellar ask her kids to pay every time they waste food

Sarah didn’t like when her children end up wasting the food rather than eating it. So, she came up with a great idea. She shared a story about her daughter who always ask her mother for milk but didn’t drink it which became her habit. To overcome this, Sarah came up with the plan that whenever her daughter will ask for milk and does not drink it, she will take the money out of her piggy bank. As none of the children want to give away the money that they have saved for themselves, this idea worked great.

6. Drew Barrymore shares the calendar with her daughter

There comes a lot of challenging for a working mother. As drew was always on the work trips, she shared her dates with her daughter about her traveling. She made a calendar and marked the days on which she will be going on a work trip. She told that doing this help greatly. Sharing the calendar helped her daughter to know when she has to wait for her. She further added that her daughter knows every trip she will be going for work.