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People share the most pretentious and hilarious dishes

Cooking delicious food is an art, skill, and creativity. Back in time, everyone ate simple food as it was the basic need of life. However, cooking simple food back then was not as difficult as it seems.

In today’s extremely modern lifestyle, everyone is fond of eating fancy food which is therefore becoming more common and demanding. Not only everyone wants to try new dishes but also wants to make the dishes more creative. Where the good presentation of the food makes the food look more delicious and tempting, the bad presentation makes the food look awful.

This article features a list of the most delicious and pretentious dishes ever.

  1. Ice-cream shots

The ice cream in the picture is not just attractive and appealing but is more delicious in its taste. This ice cream is served by a café in a tempting way with donut waffles and espresso shots that made it a more modern combo. But we wonder about the needles in the ice-creams.

2. Mini pizza-pizza

The double cheese and different flavors all in one pizza will surely be liked by every pizza lover out there. Without any doubt, this pizza is surely baked into a true pizza lover.

3. Plain rice aviation

This plain white rice served in the shape of an airplane has everyone’s heart. The creative presentation of this plain rice that the joy of food also lies in the way it is presented.

4. Coffee made in beakers

A café in Australia is famous for the way it serves coffee to its customers. The coffee along with the other ingredients is served in the beakers individually. Whoever wants to drink coffee can make it on their own by adding the ingredients as per their taste preferences.

5. The Greek salad

A restaurant sells the Greek salad in such a creative way that its presentation makes the people take a picture of it before eating it. The fancy presentation combined with the simple ingredients makes the dish worth eating and worth capturing.

6. Modern sauce squeezer

The easy sauce squeezer has made everyone’s life easier in today’s modern lifestyle while eating the food. Rather than going through the hassle of opening a sauce packet or a sauce bottle, the sauce squeezer has made it easy with just a single push.

7. The delicious noodle sandwich

When everyone wants to try something new and delicious, this over-stuffed sandwich with noodles and cheese will make everyone go nuts due to its tempting presentation and delicious taste. This delicious sandwich has made a new addition to the fast-food world.

8. A new flavor of ice-cream

Who doesn’t love trying the new flavors of ice cream? This mayo and ketchup flavored ice cream might seem too weird but these are definitely worth the try. Do eat it and share your opinion.