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Women share 7 pregnant stories of how men help them during pregnancies

Pregnancy is the most important part of life when any woman gets pregnant. A woman who gets emotional and physical support during her pregnancy tends to be happier and in less depression. It is their time of life when any smallest thing can cause any trouble to them because they are carrying a life inside them.

Strong support can be received from her mother or other relatives. But no support is matchable that she gets from her husband, father, or brother. They help her spend this difficult time with courage.

Here are a few stories that show how men helped women to spend this beautiful yet difficult journey.

1. Brothers for life

This woman shares her pregnancy experience through Twitter. She said pre and post-pregnancy anxiety is extremely normal in women and during Coronavirus the proportion of depression among pregnant ladies increments. She shares that her brothers have made her cheerful and relaxed throughout the time she was pregnant. One of her brothers takes care of her daily essential diet.

2. Dad the superhero

The relationship between father and daughter is beyond magical. They are the protectors, rescuers, and a role model in their lives. This lady shares how her father supported her throughout the time she was pregnant. No man in the world can take care of a daughter like their fathers.

3. Power couple in hard times

Any difficult situation can get easier with a supportive man beside you. Nothing is more difficult for a woman to know that she will deliver her baby through C-section while she was prepared for normal labor.

4. Parents- A true blessing

Parents are the greatest blessings of God and nobody can ever take care of you like your parents. It is such a blessing to have your parents with you in this beautiful yet toughest time of your life. In this picture, the daughter shares a throwback memory of her parents when she was about to be born. Her father took great care of her mother and helped her a lot during this time. She said that his father is still the same as he still does the stuff till now.

5. Strong bond in strong moments

Labor is such a painful experience and the hardest part of pregnancy. But it gets easier and beautiful if you have a right and supportive husband with you.

6. Caring brother and father

A sister shares her last days of pregnancy where she tells that how her brother and father took care of her during the last days to make the labor easier. Her brother made her drink the red raspberry drink daily while her father brings the breakfast to bed.

7. Blessed life partner

This lady shares her post-delivery experience where she is experiencing sleepless nights. She shares how her husband supports her to sleep extra hours before her baby could wake up again. It is such a blessing in disguise to have such a lovely husband.