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7 most unexpected and bizarre airport moments that will leave you in shock

Travelling through air can either be a complete fun or an outright catastrophe because you never know what direction it will head. Anyone who travels through airplane would actually know how it feels like to be travelling to airport. It is the place where extremely fascinating peculiarities appears to be ordinary.

Whereas, being in a airport means adjusting. Like you have to adjust yourself to the rules, to delays, to timedifferences and adjusting to a comfortable place for a long layover. However, there are people who are travelling for the first time are nervous whereas, some people are extraordinary confident that they make their own way to checking counters or boarding. No matter whatever is the situation, you always have to be prepared for any kind of circumstances. Here are the 7 most unexpected and bizzare moments that occured in airports.

1.You cant pass before me

Some people are so stubborn in their minds and such people can be easily found in airports. They remain the same even if they are travelling with the whole world. It happens here as well. The lady in the blue stopped in the middle with an entire crowd of people behind her. She just wanted to pass through the passport control first. She didn’t bother about anyone and didn’t allow anyone to pass.

2. Someone help this mother to take deep breaths

Travelling with kids is probably the hardest part especially when travelling by plane. Nothing turns out to be good no matter how well you have planned. This mother must be regretting bringing her children to the airport and probably have made her mind to never bring them ever again. People looking at her will be feeling blessed to be travelling without kids and earned a lesson for not bringing them along.

3. Time to make the statement at the airport

People are fond of airport looks because travelling comes without any dress code ethics. But that also doesn’t mean that you end up looking a pink chic. People wear comfy clothes so that they can feel comfortable throughout their journey. However, this man would either have pants in his bags or would die due to cold.

4. When you can’t find a seat for yourself

Travelling is very exhausting especially when you are travelling via plane because you are sitting in one seat throughout the time you are flying. And also when someone struggles to do trips for the long weekends. This person must have gone through a lot of struggle for finding a seat for herself and ended up lying like this. It is hard to find seats every time. She must belong to those people who can do anything to take a nap without caring for hygiene.

5. Plane seats don’t fit everyone in

Aeroplane seats are made by keeping normal-sized people in mind. They are not designed for oversized people who are larger than usual. This man is having a hard time sitting in his seat. He is hindering the way so unquestionably that nobody could go through him. Imagine how difficult it would be for an air hostess carrying the trolley to serve the food. This man should probably purchase two tickets to have a comfortable journey.

6. Being comfortable with delayed flights

This lady must be so master in sleeping in any position. She must be so usual with delayed flights and the need to remain comfortable over there. Hopefully, she might not miss her flight. Her sleeping strategy seems to be like a pro and more likely she has set many alarms to wake her up.

7. It’s okay to contortionist in public places

People usually sleep at the airport while waiting for their flights or when their flights get delayed. This woman has made herself very comfortable without making trouble for others to sit. Only she is aware of how comfortable she was. But the image indicates that she is lost in deep sleep.