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8 photos that prove South Korea is a totally different world

Beauty lies within uniqueness. Whatever is unique, is certainly delightful and South Korea is a legit example of this beauty. A place that is known for the world’s best excellent products is more beautiful than every one of its creations in reality.

South Korea is a place where there is love and delight for all. By delivering great quality excellence items this land can possibly create smiles as well.

If you want to plan a trip to relax then Korea is the most delightful place for such a relaxing trip. It is the best place for residence. This place takes care of each person who steps on it. It is perhaps the most ideal choice to live on this planet as it has captivating beauty, innovative technology, and offices that are dynamic for carrying a glad life.

Here are the 7 most beautiful pictures that will make you believe that South Korea is a whole different world.

1. Admissions open for grandparents

The birth rate in South Korea is so low that a very less number of admissions gets opened each academic year. A school in South has took the initiative to open admissions for educating illiterate grandmothers.

2. Four seasons, four colors

This image is captured at a same place in Korea but all these clicks are captured from different seasons. Each season has its own charm and beauty.

3. Fairy light pathway

This place is a public pathway which is decorated all over with fairy lights. “They say fairies play there every night.” People love to go back using this pathway as it reduces their whole day stress by bringing joy to your face. This place can really make your day after such a tiring day.

4. Cat cat, be aware

This signboard does not indicate cat crossing or cats parking. However, this signboard is to aware people who are driving any vehicle that there are cats around here. So that they can drive carefully and fulfill their role being a good citizen.

5. Traffic signals should be only on roads

The traffic signals have a place on the road so that everybody can see the lights clearly. There should be lights on the roads too. This idea is great if other big countries adopt it too as it would be easier to manage uncontrollable traffic.

6. A good idea to promote stairs

This graphic or visual message is displaced right before the escalators. This message indicates that stairs are good for physical health. It really promotes the idea of using stairs.

7. A solo café to eat alone

There is a café in suburb west of Seoul, where you can sit in small cabins to eat alone. Each cabin consists of a stove and an LCD to make you feel at home.

8. F for the fourth floor

The button “4” sounds like death and it is replaced with the character “F” in lifts in Korea and a few other Asian countries. So surely, everyone wants to home safely. Huge respect to Korea!