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Artist creates very detailed scary images and they look frightening when you look more at them

Jeff Lee Johnson experienced his childhood in rural Minnesota in a house loaded with books with famous authors like Kenneth Robeson, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, and Arthur C. Clark. She drew the thoughts that use to come to her mind after reading the book.

Since her mother would draw and paint, she furnished him with all the necessary material tools, and patient directions so he could depict his creative mind, powered by their stories. Now, Jeff has started doing the paintings himself and drawn scarier scenes. Only the person who focuses on small details will be able to find the scariest scenes that cannot be visible at first glimpse.

Here are a few pictures.

1. Scary café craft

This image portrays the casual routine at a café where people are sitting and having food. The image shows the hand of a lady who is holding a coffee cup with the skull pattern on it. It doesn’t seem scary at first glimpse.

It’s the zoom-in scene of the photograph. You can see a lady holding the hand of the kid. But isn’t it terrifying to see? Because her hands are the hands of an octopus.

This image is another close-up of the same scene. It looks like the hands of the octopus or some scary soul. The artist has drawn it with a great technique.

It’s another zoom-in scene of the same scene. If you see it carefully, then you would see that the lady is cutting the pie but if you see more carefully, then you would know that she is holding a knife with blood on it.

2. Beautiful deadly beach

This particular image is Jeff’s love for travel. The artist says that whenever he visits any place he tries to absorb all the positivity and vibes coming with it. Then, he decides to bring his thoughts to paper by drawing them.

This is the scene of the beach where everyone is having a playful time and relaxing.

This is the close-up of the scene where the cameraman is taking the picture of a lady with her child. But you will see that the cameraman and child both are looking scary as they are not normal. They have abnormal features.

This picture shows a boy drowning in the sea but nobody has noticed him on the beach.

It shows that the girl is playing on the beach while her legs are stuck with some wondrous creature. Whereas, on the other hand, you notice a man standing in the front of the picture with a blooded towel on his shoulders.

3. Executive hotel view

This image portrays the scene of the busiest hotel where everyone is sitting or crossing from the lobby.

It shows that the lady is carrying a cat with her and the cat is being caught by some creature. The cat groans at it.

Jeff says that people get scared by looking at these pictures as some people have noticed weird activities happening in the scene.

Does it really appears to be a hotel lobby or people can’t see properly? You will notice a man falling as soon as he opens the door.

This image is really scary to see. You will see a few irregular scenes happening in the scene. The smoke of cigarettes isn’t more dreadful than the reflection of a hanging man. Also, you will notice the bloodstains of the hands-on door. It creates more fear.

4. Scary scene in Paris

This scene showcases a beautiful portrait of the streets of Paris where the street is busy with vendors and the people are having their leisure time.

See the image with a little more focus and you will eventually notice the scary scene. The picture shows a dog with red eyes that looks more dreadful. A man is holding drinking bottles but looks at the hands of the man. They look so weird.

Here you will see a man is serving the drink with a disclaimer “Toxic” mentioned on it.

The artist says that his pictures make the people look at them with a little more focus and interest.