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The Gymnast made everyone scream after falling during routine

The gymnasts have such a flexible body that they can bend and move their bodies in any position in such a balanced way that their flexibility is exhibited from their bodies is simply beyond amazing. Four events are arranged for the female collegiate gymnastics that include vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercises. The gymnast smoothly moves down the runaway and shows off incredible moves like pushing off the springboard and double handspring. Not just this but they also show off a pike, tuck, and other similar moves up in the air.

Gymnasts show incredible moves during the uneven bar events. From the bars that are high to the bars that are low and coming back and forth, there is a sequence in every move they show.

It also includes the different level grips such as a turn on the bar non-flight and an enclosed bar circle element. The gymnasts also surpass the dismounts in gymnastics effortlessly.

A great level of balance needs to be maintained during the balance beam routine. From the leaps to moves and turns, everything is included into the balance beam to make the routine incredibly amazing.

The amazingly flexible dance moves are also included in the gymnastic tricks and the floor exercise demands dynamic moves. The more is the trickier routine, the more are the scores.

UCLA’s gymnastic team has always exhibited routines, high energy, and high scores. But this season, a 21-year-old gymnast Gracie Kramer left everyone surprised at the auditorium with her incredible floor routine.

A commentator while watching her routine stated her routine as foreboding and dark but she changed soon with the change of the music.

She showed some magical moves by first crawling on the floor. While showing her moves on the floor, she made an amazing twist after rocking her handspring moves. With the front split quite high in the air, she smoothly hits the floor. Every move she was doing was really jaw-dropping.

She was seen smoothly twisting, leaping, spinning, and kicking while she was up in the air. All the audience was enjoying her routine and binged their eyes on every move she was doing.  

After doing the final move, she stood straight with a big smile on her face. Her incredible performance made everyone and her team excited and happy. The team members gathered around her after she had shown the incredible performance. Everyone in the audience and even students who stood up praised and applauded her performance.

Gracie Kramer scored a perfect ten first time in her collegiate profession

She did it all very smoothly and perfectly as if it was the normal routine. She felt like she got 10 just on the normal routine. It is really a good accomplishment for her.

At UCLA’s opening home meet, her friend Kyla scored a perfect 10 in the 2020 season. That was the first perfect ten of Kyla. She also scored perfect 10s in the NCAA 2019 season.