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7 Iconic celebrities that went too far with the Halloween costumes

Celebrities are obsessed with Halloween and they celebrate Halloween parties in a full swing to celebrate the holidays. All celebrities celebrate Halloween parties in the most exciting manner with fun and spooky costumes. This article enlists celebrities with the best Halloween costumes.

1. The Rock as Popeye

The famously fast and furious star Dwayne Johnson dressed up as a cartoon character of Popeye at a Halloween costume party in 2015. Popeye eats spinach as the superfood to grow big and strong muscles. The star was perfect for his appearance as Popeye. He shares his photo on Instagram with the caption “Never buy a costume that says one size fits most”.

He wore a dress that was a bit shorter for him but he managed to look so well that evening. His expressions are incredible.

2. Harrison Ford the king of Halloween

Harrison Ford is famous for his Halloween costumes. He is obsessed with the Halloween holidays and always dresses up as a famous movie character. He and her wife always get dressed up for Halloweens. His famous Halloween look was Nun and the 80’s rockstar. He is known as the king of Halloweens.

3. Beyonce dressed up like Barbie

Beyonce has a perfect physique just like barbie. She dressed up as a vintage barbie 1959 at a Halloween party in 2018. She wore a black and white bathing suit along with cat-eye sunglasses. It was designed by Jay Z.

4. Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock

Melissa McCarthy  and Sandra Bullock are well known for their collective get up like sea fisherman in halloween in 2018. They became very popular as they duo was very funny and cute. They have worn yellow matching hats and raincoats along with thick beard.

5. Steph Curry frightens people with her look as Jigsaw

Curry is known best for his Halloween look in 2017. He dressed up like a jigsaw from the Saw movies and got a special surprise when he reached the court. He took a picture with the person in the court who played the Jigsaw character in the movie.

6. Halle Berry become a skeleton

Halle Berry and her Sons halloween looks always standsout in the halloween. They both worn skeleton costumes for Halloween. Berry did a fiery halloween makeup to compliment the look with her outfit. They both captured everyone’s attention in the party.

7. Shakira as Magician

Shakira is a well known singer and dancer who never fails to surprise people with her talent. She entertains people like a magician at a Halloween party. She looked so simple and elegant and she also lifted a bunny to make her look real. She looked stunning overall.