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People who are not ready to get fooled anytime soon

After regretting the dumbest things I have ever done in life, I feel pretty satisfied when I see someone has done even more weirdest things than me. It keeps my mind and soul satisfied that I am not alone in this world that do dumb things.

I believed that no one has ever met the smart, coolest, and organized person in their lives as I am. But this is only unless and until I end up doing something really ill-mannered that makes me look like a stupid person. This is true that this thing keeps on repeating every single day. But I am pretty much sure that I am even smarter than the people featured in this article.

This article features the list of people who did some incredibly foolish things and they are not ready to get fooled anytime soon.

  1. A failure in math

Everyone knows that we all have someone half of our age in life and they will continue to be half of the age of your age for the rest of their lives. I am pretty much sure that is a person has experienced an utter failure in math at his school or maybe she was just trying to confirm.

2. Loved the hairstyle

This man was caught red-handed at the airport by the cops in Barcelona who were trying his best to smuggle the drugs under his hairpiece. Regardless, this will make a pretty good hairstyle trend for the boys out there.

3. Checking the time in a new way

Are you aware of this thing that people are hanging the clocks in the upside-down direction? If you have not seen anyone doing this, check out this Instagram post of a beautiful young mom holding his cute baby. Take a closer look at this photo and find out what’s wrong with this.

4. The faraway balls

Nothing is sadder when you are playing with the ball with a group of your friends and it ended up going out of the vicinity at the neighbor’s roof. Looking at the scores of balls that you have lost over the last years feels no more than torture.

5. The flying trains

This does not seem to be a bad idea. I am pretty sure that everyone at some point in their lives wants to see a plane that does not fly.

6. Do not attempt this at homes

Everyone wants to do something new in their lives to get a new experience about something. This person tried out something really unbelievable and took his experience to another level. Putting away the penny in a microwave for 2 minutes and seeing what happens is surely not the best idea to try something new.

7. An unnecessary attempt

This poor man ended up cutting off his whole finger after the snack has bitten his finger. When he made an appointment with the doctor, the doctor told him that taking this action was really unnecessary. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor before making any decision.

8. Patience is necessary

I greatly appreciate the patience level of this person. If it would have been me, I would prefer ended up blocking this person permanently or would have asked him to not text me again.