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People who have experienced the worst summer season

Have you ever wondered that you have spent the most disappointing summer season? During traveling, you might have given a thought to spending the summer season on the coast without bothering yourself. People make their best efforts to try out different therapies to spend most of the summer season without a hitch.

This article features the terrifying moment of different people about how they spent their summer season from the past two months. Take a look at these pictures shared by people and be glad that you have not experienced anything like this before.

The tanned forehead didn’t make her “happy”

Being a participant of the Color Run, this girl didn’t remember putting on the sunscreen on her face before getting exposed to the sun. Later, in the emergency room when she was preparing herself to take the x-ray of the twisted ankle, she found that the “happy” sticker on her forehead had left behind the stamp or outline of the entire word on her forehead which didn’t make her “happy” anymore.

The weird itching at the back

It seems more like a person gets caught in some mosquito net or honeybee nest rather than being exposed to the sun. You must be feeling itchy all over your body after seeing the after just like the person is feeling.

The cereal bowl left a mark

No matter how cloudy it is in the scorching summer season outside, just don’t ever forget to put on sunscreen to all those areas of the body that are at the risk of sun exposure. This woman outside without bothering about the intense heat despite the cloudy weather slept with the cereal bowl on her lap. When she woke up she was surprised to see that bowl and the spoon was stamped well on her legs.

A man seeking help

The giant-sized man thought about sitting on the chair on the beach which was comparatively smaller than his size. Rather than getting fit into the chair, the chair got stuck and everyone surrounding him began laughing at him when he tried his best to get off the chair. This scene seems no less than a movie scene but thankfully that people after stopping to laugh came forward to help him get out of this small chair.

The most horrifying picture

This woman without bothering about anyone around her was enjoying the lovely day in the pool when someone around her took a picture of her while she was in the pool. The person who took the picture believed that the woman look no more than a grump garden gnome statue that is thrown into the pool. There were people who laughed out loud after looking at the woman. It was the underwater refraction that made her look funnier from above the water.

The spray tan tragedy

This young girl instantly after getting the spray tan got back into her car and started crying after wondering about some events in her life. The tears after rolling down her cheek ended up creating a great tragedy that made her even sadder. After crying when she looked in the mirror, she was surprised to see that the tears had totally ruined her tan.

The sand eater girl

The girl was up to doing something on the beach but ended up covering all her face with the sand when the things didn’t go as she planned them to be. A person surrounding them took a video of her and shared it on the internet so that the rest of the world could see it as well. Watching people doing their gymnastic skills on the beach is always so fun and thrilling. Even if the sand feels really soft under the feet, it is not good for crawling or the headstands.