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Celebrities who came back to life after fighting well with covid-19

The deadly coronavirus has hit the world so hard that no one is safe from the virus. It is spreading so rapidly among the people that it is not just making them ill sick but also taking their lives. Lucky are those who got the disease and have recovered after the treatment, otherwise, people are losing their lives due to this deadly virus in the minutes. It is not just the random people that are becoming the victim of this horrible deadly disease but many celebrities have also been affected by this virus but have recovered and luckily won the life for themselves again.

This article features the list of some famous celebrities who became the victim of the horrible deadly virus but came back to normal life after being in quarantine and treatments.


Everyone’s favorite pop star Madonna also tested positive for the covid-19. She had named herself in the list of the title under antibody carrier. She didn’t share the covid-19 positive test report with the public as she said she has the positive antibodies but didn’t have any symptoms.

Alyssa Milano

The very well-known singer and actress Alyssa Milano also became a victim of the coronavirus. She shared about the symptoms she had during the illness and particularly specify the heavy breathing. The breathing rate was so intense it feels as if the elephant sat down on her chest. Due to difficulty in breathing, she was given oxygen which helped in breathing.

Daniel Dae Kim

Daniel Dae Kim is popularly recognized as a famous actor, producer, and voice actor. He shared a thorough experience starting from the tested positive to the tested negative. Just because he wanted to raise awareness about the stages of his illness with the people, she decided to tell everything that happened to him throughout his illness. Moreover, he also told that people blame the birth of the virus on Asians and call it with different names.

Tony Shalhoub

The well-known celebrity Tony Shalhoub and his wife both of them was tested positive against the covid-19 in April. Despite the bad situation all around the around, the actor tried his best to make the people laugh by doing funny shows at his home during quarantine. He asked the people to seriously take this virus as it is really very deadly and can easily take a toll on one’s health.

Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston shared his entire covid-19 experience with the people and told that he was very lucky to get back to life as the recovery from this deadly virus was merely luck. He shared about the symptoms he had and how he spent the days during quarantine. Moreover, after recovery, he also shared the video with the public in which he was seen donating his blood plasma to sick people.

George Stephanopoulos

The “Good Morning America” host George Stephanopoulos also tested positive for the covid-19 in the mid of April. He became positive after 2 weeks of her wife’s being positive to covid-19. Luckily, he didn’t have any covid-19 symptoms during his entire illness that everyone had. Besides being tasteless for some days, he did not experience any symptoms. But his wife went seriously ill. Throughout the entire period, he did work from home which luckily did not affect him that bad.

Idris Elba

Idris Elba, a well-known producer, actor, and musician also became exposed to the coronavirus. After testing positive for the covid-19, he isolated himself from his wife to reduce the risk of the spreading of the disease. His wife did not appear to have any symptoms of the virus. Both he and his wife had collected $40 million and joined the UNIFIED force to help rural people amid the pandemic situation.