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Celebrities extend their support to Britney Spears after latest Conservatorship victory

Britney spears is a very well-known Hollywood singer who has a very broad fan base all around the world. She has always been very social and spent her life in a very beautiful manner. When she started singing, she became instantly recognized. Her success at the start of her career was at its peak but then she had to suffer a lot due to some personal life issues. She had also been under conservatorship granted by the court due to her diminished mental capacity. Not too long ago, she took a step and decided to raise her voice against this court restriction by appealing to the government to cease her conservatorship.

Many popular celebrities came forward and stood by her side by supporting her decision and raising their voices in the actress’s favor.

When the conservatorship is granted to a person by the court that means that the person’s life decisions are entirely made by the court. Every right a particular person has is owned by the government of the country. It is not wrong to say that the life of a person is totally in the hands of the government and does not have any power to make the decisions of their personal life on their own. All this restriction results in making the person more stressed and depressed. In this hard time, Britney decided to raise her voice against this matter to end her conservatorship.

When a person has to deal with any such situation, family support matters the most and is needed by the person who is surviving. When all of this is happening, Britney’s family particularly her father stands by her daughter’s side and is supporting her in every decision she is making. His father has stolen all the limelight and has become a prominent figure throughout her daughter’s case.

All of this effort and the voice in her favor resulted in a decision that was in favor of Britney that made her live freely without any restriction after 13 years.

Britney Spears has spent 13 years of her life under conservatorship. Since 2008, she and her family had gone through this restriction made by the government. However, after the decision, famous celebrities and their fans supported and appreciated the decision made by the government.

Many people came forward for support when she decided to raise her voice for herself. Twitter was flooded with the tweet each of which was in favor of her saying that nobody has the right to rule anyone’s life. It is her life and her decision to do whatever she wants in her life.

Scores of people were encouraged when she stood for her rights and raised her voice for herself.

At the time when she appealed to the government to discontinue this conservatorship, she was going through psychological issues and stress that made her raise her voice for herself. She told that the period of the conservatorship was really very stressful and disturbing which had affected her mentally. When it was enough of everything, she demanded to government to live a normal life. She wants to live her life without any restriction again and wants to get married. This period of conservatorship has not only affected her but also affected her entire family.

All the fans supporting Britney Spears decided to walk in her support which showed that all her fans really love her. This support from her fans put the government under pressure to ease the restrictions on her and free her life.

She came mentally disturbed with the control of the government on her life which didn’t allow her to make life’s decisions on her own.

Rosie supported Britney by talking about her in her show. The guest appearance on Rosie’s show also showed sympathy towards Britney and supported them.