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The way I mixed photography and Photoshop to escape reality

The one who has a creative mind has the ability to see his inner self. When you have a creative mind, you open your thoughts to different ideas and see everything from a different perspective. The ability to have a creative mind has made people build their own fantasy world inside their minds. The way they want to live their life is hidden inside the fantasy world that they made on their own.

The only way to show the creativeness of your mind to other people is by indulging in different fun creative activities like sketching, painting, or photo editing through different photo editors.

Hayley Roberts, a fantasist, used her creative photography skills and merged them with the Photoshop editor to create the dreamland of her own desire. The artist admitted that she believed that she had not a creative mind to do creative things before using any kind of Photoshop tools. While exploring the different editing tools on Photoshop, her mind opened up to a number of different creative ideas.

With the aim to escape from reality through editing, she took some amazing pictures by utilizing her remarkable photography skills and merged them with Photoshop. Take a look at some of the creative work done by Hayley which is beyond beautiful.

  1. The after-effects used to edit this picture have resulted in making the picture more beautiful. Everything from the shades to tones, color correction, hues, and saturation is perfectly balanced and made the editing exceptional.

2. Photo manipulation is not an easy thing to do but Hayley has done it so professionally. The technique used to create the sky by using light tones and dark tones has resulted in a masterpiece.

3. Being creative allows one to escape from the reality by utilizing all their creative skills in a creative manner. The artwork that is based on escaping from the reality has believed to help in releasing stress which is also a psychologically-based fact.

4. Hayley Roberts is also a perfectionist in creating conceptual digital art. Creating digital art is really a tough thing to do in which every tiny detail needs attention to detail.

5. Transforming the real photo into the painting requires attention to detail. For this, everyone needs to be perfect for utilizing the smudging tool.

6. Making the real person invisible needs a brain and Hayley proved well that she has a very creative mind. She has perfectly portrayed her thoughts through editing the picture.

7. The opacity level she maintained to create a scene in a graveyard is beyond thrilling and amazing. She definitely proved to have an amazing set of creative editing skills.