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7 actors who put all their efforts to went too far with their role

A good actor believes in himself and can play any role with great confidence. It is only a matter of believing in yourself and your belief in character will reflect that. Actors go through different ways to get into the skin of the character to portray a person that is not similar to them. Many actors use the acting method in which is a good way to identify a character with a few more things altogether.

Many actors also lose or put on the weight to achieve the true appearance of their character as described as per their director. Here is the list of actors that went beyond the limit to portray their characters most realistically.

1. Heath Ledger locked himself for weeks to go insane

Heather is mentioned among the best actors for his performance as the biggest enemy of Batman and Joker. He used the method of acting regularly to portray the character in the best way. For his role in joker, he locked himself for two weeks so he could make up the insanity of the character. Moreover, he asked his co-star Christian Bale to hit him in real during the interrogation scene.

2. Anne Hathway lost 25 pounds in 2 weeks to look near death

Anne Hathway played the role of Fantine in the movie Les Miserables which was based on the novel as the same name by Victor Hugo. She played the role of a mother who live in the streets and had to sell her hair, teeth, and her body to support her daughter Cosette.

Anne did a fabulous job of portraying this character. She said that she was obsessed with this as the idea was to look close to death. She lost 25 pounds in literally 2 weeks just by eating dried oatmeal paste. Also, she cut all her hair and didn’t use any wig. Her performance in the role was awarded an Oscar for best supporting actress.

3. Adrien Brody broke up with his girlfriend, gave up his car and apartment, and didn’t use his phone

The actor Adrien Broday played the role of the musician Wladyslaw in the movie The Pianist. His character portrays the story of the Polish-Jewish pianist who was the survivor of the Holocaust. 

He wanted to do justice to the character as he lost 30 pounds, moved out of the apartment and gave up his car. Furthermore, he gave up using the phone by staying disconnected from the world. He went so far with the role as he ended up with his girlfriend and learned Chopin on the piano. 

Adrien received the Oscar for the best actor. The actor has confessed that he couldn’t get out of the character even after the shooting was done. He said he was very depressed with this.

4. Hilary Swank endured hours of training which lead to a dangerous infection

Hilary Swank played the role of Mary Margaret “Maggie” Fitzgerald who is an inspiring boxer in the sports drama, Million Dollar Baby. She was asked to gain 10 pounds, however, she ended up gaining 19 instead.

She was trained six times in a week in which she was utilizing two and half hours to boxing, one and a half of two hours to lifting weights. Along with this, she was having a high protein intake. But the training ended up in an infection leading almost to her heart.

5. Kate Winslet lived in a beach house with unstable electricity by herself

The character Mary Anning was based on the life of a British paleontologist which was portrayed by Kate Winslet. Mary Anning was living with her mother who was ill and was alone most of the time. The actor Kate wanted to live like Mary but not just to act like Mary. Therefore, she tried using method acting.

She told about her experience that she lived in a house on the beach during the time of the shooting. Furthermore, she said that it was so alone, cold, and rattly that there was also a big storm and the power of the house also goes down. I lie thereby thinking, “Kate, what are you doing? You can just go to the hotel like everyone else.”

6. Mickey Rourke studied Russian for 3 hours every day

Mickey Rourke played the role of Iron Man’s enemy Whiplash in the second series of the movie. The character is portrayed being a Russian Scientist and a former prisoner. He did a lot of training for this role as he went to the Russian Prisoner to see how it feels there. Also, he studied the Russian language each day for 3 hours. He not only trained his mind but he also achieved a strong villain appearance.

7. Marlon Brando spent a month in hospital with Paraplegics

Marlon Bardon is the first one to practice the method acting and he had started this from the first role he got for the big screen. His debut movie was The Men in which he portrayed the role of an ex-military man namely Ken Wilocek who got injured and left with a wheelchair being paralysed.

For this role, Brando particularly thought of using method acting that would help him accomplish the role. Therefore, he spent one month at Birmingham Army Hospital living with paraplegics so he could play the role of the injured soldier.