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7 well-known people described by people who knew them from school or other places

It is so true to say that friendship changes over time. No matter how many years of friendship you have with your friend. Friends get close to each other due to certain times they spent together and the experiences they shared. Have you ever wondered that why did your childhood friends grow apart when they get older? Or did you notice the change in tone of your college as they have two different personalities? Well, the same happens in the case of celebrities as well. They get different being a public personality. Their fans get curious to know how their life has been changed before and after fame?

Someone asked Reddit users “People who were friends with celebrities, How was their life before getting famous? The post got over 30K comments. Here is the list of their people responses who shared true and fake stories about celebrities.

  1. Tom Hanks

My dad was a fellow internee with Tom Hanks at the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival. He was such a lively person and was kind to everyone. He proudly showed his son Colin to everyone while he was just a few days old.

3 years later, there was a reunion of all the interns of Great Lakes Shakespeare. My dad went there. He was not aware if he would be present there also but was sure that if he would then we will remember him. I was shocked to see that he approached my dad with his full name. He is truly a great man.

  1. Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner gets angry with people who call him Sharkboy in high school. There is no way to blame him.

  1. Snoop Dogg

My aunt knew Snoop Dogg during high school. Everyone was head over heels with him. She decided to tie a bandana on her arm. Later that day, he took it from her without saying anything. It was discovered later that people who wore her colour were being hunted down.

However, He is a cool man. He has not changed much.

  1. Elvis Presley

My grandma was Elvis’s neighbor. They talked every other time and my grandma thought he was the most annoying person.

  1. Bob Odenkirk

My mom and Bob went to college at the same time. They both were in the radio department and he was the funniest guy. They ate mushrooms together and I have been jealous of mom since then.

  1. Stephen Fry

My dad and Stephen Fry went to college at the same time. He said he was the funniest guy he had ever met.

Also, my granddad went to art college with John Lennon. I am not sure if they both knew each other and I came to know that they went to college together through my mother.

  1. Justin Bieber

I went to elementary school with Justin Bieber. He invited me to all of these birthdays. We both shared a funny memory that we were making fun of a kid on the stairwell and then we fell from the stairs and ended up crying to the Principals office.