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7 actresses that you wouldn’t knew were asked to hide their baby bump while filming

Childbirth is a miracle of life, whereas, pregnant actresses have to face special challenges during this time. Actresses hide their baby bump throughout the time they are shooting the film. However, in today’s technology world, camera techniques have made it easier to hide the baby bump

Nose plot restructuring and wardrobe hacks have been so useful that actors can easily do their onscreen job being pregnant. 

Actors sign the contract for their characters and then become pregnant right after that time. But the great film directors know how to deal with the situation when their baby’s on the way.

  1. The friends duo of Courtney Cox and Monica had us fooled

Courtney Cox had a hard time conceiving with her husband David Arquette for many years due to her infertility problem as much as hard it was for Monica in friends. She said, “I have an easy time getting pregnant but had a very terrible time in keeping this.” Courtney’s portrayal of her life in the show was so accurate.

  1. Its Julia Louis-Dreyfus! On Seinfield, i was warned that Elaine might gain weight

Julia Louis will be missed forever due to her dynamic part in Seinfeld. Her wild dance routines and sexy remarks are still being missed. The season could not remain the same without her but sadly, Elaine became pregnant. We wonder how jerry deals with the weight.

3. It was a lesson in professionalism from Anna Paquin in True Blood

The actress Anna Paquin is best known for terrifying her audience with regards to true blood. In season six, she was honored with a cheerful event that she became pregnant. That wasn’t an ideal case for her character however, the writers came up with an innovative approach.

4. Kristen Bell with CGI in House of lies

Kristen bell is a well-known actor. She is perceived as being a devoted mother in real life. They have been regularly developing their family. Apart from this, her certain pregnancies probably happened on set.

5. It was a perfect setting for Betsy to hide her tummy in the show breaking

Breaking bad came to end after five seasons. The show was gathered so many committed fans that are knowledgeable in the show’s trivia. Meth and mayhem- who could not like them.

6. On Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker Was Secretly pregnant

The star of Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw could never imagine being a mother. Would you be able to think that the dating columnist’s wife skip around in NYC with a huge baby bump?

7. There was a tonne of props for Alanna Masterson on The Walking dead

Alanna Masterson discovered her pregnancy in 2015. This was a really positive step in her personal life. However, her character in Walking dead was affected. Tara Chambler became pregnant too.