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8 Celebrities who got canceled for absolutely no reason

It has become very hard for celebrities to keep their personal life away from public eyes. We get to know everything about them in their lives as the good, the bad, and the worst.

However, when something about them gets exposed in front of the public they get huge backlash from their fans, followers, or even the industry itself. There are also times when certain celebrities get “canceled”. Sometimes the reason behind this cancellation is undeserved.

Many people on Reddit have been discussing the celebrities who got canceled and were saying that they didn’t actually deserve to be canceled. Here are the best responses in the list below.

1. Terry Chews

Terry chews has faced many issues while getting work as he spoke about being sexually assaulted during the me-too moment. People thought he couldn’t be assaulted and he gave such names that people didn’t like.

2. Britney Spears

I didn’t like Britney shaving all her head under all the pressure and losing herself. Craig Ferguson talked about this and related this with his own life. He deserves major respect for this.

3. Brendan Fraser

Not sure if he was actually “canceled” but Hollywood really made him dirty. But it is too good to see him back working. It was discovered that he was blacklisted not canceled.

4. Elizabeth Olsen

The co-worker of Elizabeth Olsen died and she didn’t post about it on social media. People gave her a hard time by bullying her on social media accounts. It doesn’t mean if you don’t post about it then you don’t care about it.

5. Kesha

Kesha wasn’t fully canceled but she went through such a mess. She was not only abused but her abuser was also part of the record label. It was not easy for her to leave her contract.

6. Jenna Marbles

People didn’t like the content Jenna made 10 years ago. She already apologized and confessed about her actions that it was inappropriate. Jenna felt that her presence on YT was making more trouble and harm for her. It was difficult for her to keep repeating the same issue.

We miss Jenna as we have grown up with her and her ability to grow and get mature help me do the same.

7. Megan Fox

The media constantly sexualized Megan Fox and kept ignoring whatever she has to say about it. She had been on different interviews where she talked about being uncomfortable sexualized by Michael Bay when she was a teenager. The audience and the interviewer were cheering up pretending as she wasn’t discussing predatory behavior.

8. Hayden Christensen

Hayden Christensen had done nothing wrong. Actors should not be criticized for decisions that were made by the writers and directors.