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8 songs that are for particular celebrities but not for random people

There are so many songs that stuck with us and affect our emotions in different ways. The different overarching emotions like joy, sadness, beauty, relaxation, feeling pumped up, and many other emotions evoke within us by hearing any music.

There are many songs that are written for a particular personality and that is the way of expressing their emotions towards them. Similarly, the song “Ba ba da da, ba ba da da, ba ba da da, Take a look at my girlfriend” is not about any random girl. It’s about a woman who’s now a celebrity worth US $125 million along with 13 Grammys and 5 MTV music videos also with so many others.

You have no clue that some songs are originally written for some celebrities. Here is the list of some songs that have a whole story behind them.


Phil Collins’s song “You will be in my heart” was actually written for his daughter Lily Collins which he wrote for the movie Tarzan. He referred to lily throughout the song.


There was a song “Dear Mr. President” written on President George W. Bush by Pink and the Indigo Girls. It was a message to the president when he was in his office. The song was a criticism of his position for LGBTQ rights, homelessness, and the Iraq War.


Bon Iver paid a tribute to Heath Ledger after he died with a song “Perth”. Heath was born in Perth, Australia. He was the best friend of Singer Justin Vernon.


The song “Cry me a river” was written by Justin Timberlake after his breakup with singer Britney spears.


Nobody knows that Nirvana’s legendary song “Heart-shaped box” is about Courtney’s love and her vagina.


Halsey wrote the song “Colors” for her ex-boyfriend Matty Healy, who was the top singer in 1975.


Justin Bieber wrote a song for Selena Gomez for his off and on relationship “What do you mean”


Mac Miller wrote a song “Cinderella” for Ariana Grande which is about very intimate bedroom moments.