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Emma Watson doppelganger was found in the UK and made people confused

As the planet Earth has over 7 billion population, there must be a doppelganger somewhere living on this earth that looks exactly like us. Unluckily, not everyone looked like celebrities but then there comes this young girl from the UK who has a shocking resemblance with Emma Watson that is making her popular all over the internet.

When Ella shared her picture on Reddit with Emma Watson’s comparison, it just not made people very shocked but also became difficult for them to recognize the real one. Someone on the picture commented, “I showed this picture to my girlfriend who really loves Harry Porter but she also got it wrong.” Another one on the picture commented, “I don’t see any difference”.  65k people on Reddit have made this post go viral all over the internet.

This 17-years old young girl is all over the internet due to her shocking resemblance to Emma Watson

Ella introduced herself to the Bored Panda with “ I am Ella Norton and I am from England. I am 17-years old and doing A-levels, posted a picture with the resemblance to Emma Watson on Instagram first and then posted on Reddit. She further added that she was always told about her resemblance to Emma Watson since she was very young. She also said that she never thought that her resemblance with the actor will make something out of it but making a page on Instagram and sharing the pictures on Reddit somehow proved her wrong.

Ella is from the UK and said wherever she made a visit to bigger cities people approach her as if she is the real Emma Watson

Ella told Bored Panda that she began cosplaying recently this year. She told me that to date she had cosplayed as Hermione but she is also trying to cosplay Meg March from Little Women and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She said that she had not done cosplay professionally yet but she is trying to learn more about cosplay.

It is not just the looks that Ella and Emma have in common but both the young girls have used their platforms to speak out in favor of the issues that concern them the most. She said that was really enjoying being a part of the cosplay community and also shared the books she was reading. She further added that she is very passionate about her studies. Moreover, she also shared with Bored Panda that she is very glad to have such an important platform where she can use her voice to speak on important issues.

Ella says that is really very flattering that people confuse her with the most famous British celebrity

Ella was also asked to share about the most memorable experience when people misunderstood her for Emma Watson. She told that one time she made a visit to Oxford and there were scores of children who were dressed up as Harry Porter. There she was asked to take pictures with them and sign Hermione’s autograph. This was really a sweet moment.

She shared that she is very passionate about studying and shared the books which she was currently reading. She also told that she really likes singing, acting, and ballet. She told that when she was very young, it was her dream to study at Oxford University. She told that she will be working for human rights as well. She also told that she considers herself an advocate for both human rights and environmental concerns. She said that she really wanted to make a difference in this world. She told that raising her voice on social media platforms about the important issues will really help great.

Raising voice about the important issues on social platforms is really great

She told that due to her insurance coverage she can’t do anything until she is 18 years old. But she said that she is hoping to do some sort of part-time double work until she is 18.