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Men in the online group were asked to share their favorite female superheroes

The world is full of scores of inspiring women. Everyone considers at least one woman who they believe is their superhero no matter whoever they are either a globally recognized personality or a random personality.

This article features the list of women than men in the online group were asked to share their female role models. Some shared the stories of the women from their personal lives while some chose to mention some globally recognized personalities from politics, scientists, and artists’ backgrounds. Take a look at the most inspiring women from all around the world.

1. Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr is a female Bruce Wayne. She was a model, actress, scientist, entertainer, engineer, linguist, and humanitarian. She was the most beautiful and highest-paid actress in the world at that time. She developed frequency hopping for targeting submarines and enforcing the Cuba blockade. She had multiple interests in different fields. She liked creating new things like food flavoring, fluorescent pet collars, proximity fuses, and other items. She passed away in 2000.

2. Elizabeth Friedman

Elizabeth Friedman was a mathematics scientist. With her amazing code-breaking skills, she brings down the biggest mobsters. She was also responsible for taking down the Nazi Spy Rings. Everything she was doing was done secretly under the orders of the government. Nobody knew she made her contribution in bringing down the Nazis.

3. Constance Tipper

Constance Tipper was an amazing hero in materials science. She was the first who study fractured faces by using scanning electron microscopy. She also impressed the Royal Society with her fantastic work being an engineer. With her amazing work, she deserved to gain so much recognition.

4. Sophie Scholl

Sophie Scholl is an active member of a non-violent group that was against Nazi Germany. She was also executed for promoting her cause while distributing the cause. The one thing that I admire about her was that she stood up well for others.

5. Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor was the one who championed anti-poverty programs and human rights. She was also the first lady who contributed her work for racial equality. She was the first best lady IMO.

6. Carmen Medina

Carmen Medina was the deputy director of the CIA. At the beginning of her career, she was criticized a lot for giving a suggestion that intelligence should be shared among allies. She also saved thousands of people by preaching the information she had. She had an amazing insight into the intelligence community.

7. Pink

Pink has been a woman with a strong character. She stood up for herself in the most amazing way. The way she raised her children is simply beyond amazing and beyond inspiring.