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The woman yelled at Madonna for using her Photoshopped body picture which is also going viral

Madonna is among the most iconic singer in the music industry. Apart from having 14 studio albums with scores of hit songs and winning countless awards and achieving scores of world records during her more than 40 years career, she is not just the trendsetter among the singers but also among many celebrities.

With so many achievements and recognition, it is really not very surprising to see Madonna in the news again. Seeing Madonna in the news is not surprising but for what reason she is in the headlines is very intriguing.

A picture of Madonna from her official Instagram account is going viral on the internet in which a picture of Madonna’s head is roughly photoshopped on some other girl’s body. That girl found out that photo on Instagram.

The internet which is always flooded with some interesting stuff also has this crudely Photoshop picture of Madonna

Amelia Goldie from Sydney is a writer, photographer, and digital marketer. She has released a video on TikTok which features the ill photoshopped picture of Madonna.

The picture is in question because of Madonna’s head on someone else’s body. You can easily spot the cropped head picture and see the clear difference in the lightning and shading which are different.

There are scores of celebrities whose pictures get photoshopped in this way but this picture has made a noise because of two reasons. First, it was uploaded on Madonna’s official Instagram account. And second, this picture belonged to Amelia.

Someone photoshopped Madonna’s face onto Amelia’s body and out of nowhere this picture got uploaded on Madonna’s official Instagram page

Yes, this picture with Madonna’s head photoshopped onto Amelia’s body was posted on Madonna’s official Instagram account in 2015 with the caption “I look Kewl… #rebelheart” which was also promoting her studio album.

One of the Amelia’s followers on Instagram sent her this post. At a first glance, she thought it was a joke but then realized that the picture was on Madonna’s official Instagram account.

You cannot think that it was a joke as the picture was poorly photoshopped. The head is poorly cropped and there was a difference in the lighting and shading too. The picture was considered to be of very poor quality. And the picture was there to promote Rebel Heart.

Fans of Amelia brought her attention to this picture which she considered as a joke first

 Amelia tried her best to approach the person who was managing Madonna’s Instagram page but didn’t find anyone. When nothing worked to approach the person, she reposted it with the caption that she has found the best, weirdest, and funniest thing on the internet.

The post didn’t go too viral but when she uploaded a TikTok video, it went viral all over the internet. Amelia was claiming in the video that Madonna had photoshopped her head on her body. The video got 2.1 million views with around 320,000 likes. This exposure of the video with the people made its way to the news headlines.

This picture is still found on Madonna’s Instagram. This picture is still getting loads of comments from the quality of the picture to the idea of the picture.

Amelia tried to approach Madonna’s Instagram managers, but in vain

At least, Amelia wanted to take credit for this picture. She told to Buzzfeed that if someone wants to pretend someone’s body is their own, at least, they need to be mentioned.

She said if someone wants to pretend someone’s body is their own, at least, they need to be mentioned but she said that she has no hard feelings.

Some people said the picture should either be taken down or at least credited to the real person. While some were making demands, others had no idea if this could really be possible. Regardless it was very ridiculous that this picture was uploaded on Madonna’s Instagram account.