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Bindi Irwin got married at the vacant zoo at the Australia amid corona virus

On account of the global pandemic situation around the world where every doctor and health officer are recommending people to maintain social distance from the people, there are still some countries that are seriously considering the lockdown restrictions imposed by the government and banning all sorts of public gatherings and activities that could increase the risk of the deadly coronavirus.

Bindi Irwin, the daughter of late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin shared the pictures from her wedding that took place at her father’s zoo. The wedding took place on the 25th of March at the zoo just hours before the lockdown restriction imposed on the country.  Along with the first picture she shared of her wedding, she also added a heartfelt caption with the wedding photo. This lockdown situation made her and her husband decide to have a wedding without the guests to ensure the safety of everyone.

Bindi Irwin got married in a small ceremony with Chandler Powell  on march 25, 2020 with no guests invited

Bindi Irwin, daughter of Steve Irwin got married to Chandler Powell at the vacant Australia zoo in a small ceremony in Queensland. The wedding took place just  before the lockdown restrictions  hit the whole country. The restriction included the complete lockdown for the coming six months and banned all the public gatherings and wedding in order to prevent the fast spread of the deadly virus among the people.

Bindi  added the heart touching caption to the picture

The small wedding ceremony took place at the place very close to Bindi, that was her parent’s zoo where both Bindi and Chandler worked

Bindi uploaded the first picture from her wedding and told that she got married in an intimate wedding with no guests invited to the wedding. She wrote that she had been planning for her wedding day for a year but then she had to change everything as they didn’t invite any guests to the wedding. She further wrote that making this decision was quite very difficult but this was important to ensure the safety of everyone. She wished all of her family and friends were there to celebrate this special occasion with them.

Bindi and Chandler had been planning for their wedding day for nearly a year but had to change the plans with no guests invited due to the deadly coronavirus pandemic

Her mom helped her in getting ready, Robert had walked her down the aisle, Chandler became his husband, and then all of them together had lit a candle in memory of her late father Steve Irwin. She wrote that they all were there for each other and spent their time at the zoo as a family. She was very thankful for everything.

She explained her decision well to the people that they are encouraging them to don’t lose hope as this will help them to move them forward in these hard times

People felt really glad after knowing the news and congratulated the newly wedded couple on the social media