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People mocked at Paris Hilton after she showcases her art, some say it’s not that bad and they are proud of her

Quarantine has made everyone do productive things whether it be their daily walk, cooking meals, paintings, or learning any new skill. Similarly, Paris Hilton-The famous American media personality has also found the best way to kill the time in quarantine. Her personality is full of surprises. She shared the video of her on YouTube giving a tour of her art room and she spent most of the time in there since the beginning of the quarantine.

The internet had mixed reactions when they saw her paintings for the first time. Many people admired her work while others say it isn’t anything special. However, a lot of people also complimented Paris by saying it’s so refreshing to explore her creative side.

Paris Hilton is fond of making art! She gave a tour of her beautiful art room and showed her paintings and collages to people

Here are a few of her collages

She also made a skull collage

She loves drawing cats

She is currently working on this collage

She had also made collages for herself

Paris also made emoji collage and that’s her favorite one

She made paintings for her Boyfriend’s Mom

She also drew a cat for a charity purpose named Doodles for dollars

Paris’s favorite collage is the emoji college, but her passion is drawing cats. Her passion for cats went to such an extent that you will see her doing a live cat drawing with a tongue sticking outside and stars in the eyes named Doodles for dollars.

Paris loves doing digital drawing first as it reduces the chances of messing things on the canvas. We knew from her that she is really enjoying her stay at home with her boyfriend, pets, and of course not traveling. She also told that most of her work is for a charity purpose and introduced people to a new word-Sliving. It is pronounced as “Slytherin”.

Here are some people who didn’t appreciate her paintings and collages.

However, here are the few supportive ones