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Last-minute surprise dinner plans make Chrissy Teigen annoyed at her husband, she revealed the personal text conversation online

Chrissy Teigen is very famous for sharing her personal life on Twitter with the musician John Legend. Many of the people find this action of Chrissy very refreshing and funny, this spell of complaining about John having guests for surprise dinner situation got pretty warmed. There were lots of commenter who said that their spouse do the same thing by making surprise plans which give them no time to get ready.

It all started when she shared on Twitter that her husband invited his coworkers for dinner from The Voice, this surprise plan made her annoyed as according to her he failed to give attention to the show’s season finale, which was a special occasion that deserved to be planned more formally rather than just ordering in for the dinner.

Chrissy Teigan wasn’t happy with the fact that her husband overlooked the big details about dinner plans

She also shared the screenshots of the conversation

John was right that after the finale will be going to be over, the judges from The Voice needs to unwind by just ordering something like ice cream and pizza, which is what everyone wants. She said if you are someone who wants perfection in everything, inviting guests over for dinner causes stress but this is not for someone who prefers casual dinners or get-togethers. It takes a lot of time and effort to bring out the best in planning for the best and extra dinner.

If both the partners have a different perspective about planning things, one should embrace this fact earlier before the other gets mad or before the things get worse. The person who does not bother about anything and could give details about anything when they come up with a plan like why, what, who, where, and when, so the other person who gives attention to details about everything knows how to prepare for everything. The person who goes too far needs to know that sometimes all that people want is a good time and a good place to socialize.

John told that her wife is not happy with this way of treating the guests for the dinner

But when the couple posted the pictures from the dinner gatherings that took place at their home, it felt like everything was top-notch and the argument was put to the rest. Everyone must have complained about something that ended up being the best at the end.

The couple said the party ended up really a fun for all

People were relating to the couple’s arguments on the surprise dinner plans