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An 18-years old finally gets ballet shoes that match her skin color

Dancing is a social art that originally came from Egypt when it was a tradition to entertain guests at dinner. It is the oldest form of self-expression and a form of entertainment that existed long ago. Different dances represent different cultures. There are also universal dances that can be found all over the world.

Apart from the fact that dancing has become universal, it also comes with different problems. There is a certain type of dance that requires certain equipment. Ballet dance is one of the dances that follow strict rules, especially the clothes that dancers wear. This problem was exactly faced by Kira Robinson by finding ballet shoes that will match her skin tone without experiencing Herculean trials.

Kira Robinson, a ballet student received ballet shoes that match her skin color

Shoes are the signature item that is associated with ballet. Each ballet dancer dances by wearing pointe shoes. These shoes are actually for Caucasians that come in white and pink colors. They also come in different colors but are restricted to specific costumes and that is very rare. This is the reason when Kira Robinson student at the University of Oklahoma gets overjoyed when she received pointe shoes and that too that matches her skin color.

Kira posted a video and that video went viral with 440.2K likes and 1.4m views.

The ballet dancer posted another video showing off her pointe shoes

Robinson received a request from a follower to dance in those shoes. And she did it! The shoes were so well-received that people said that it’s the first time that they have seen the shoes in this color other dance white or pink.

The teen said that her new shoes has replaced her old pink shoes. She covers the pink shoes with foundation so that they can match her skin tone. The ballet requires a nude look which means that the attire should match your skin color. There are many dancers who are struggling with this standard. Suffolk is the company that made shoes for Kira Robinson. It is one of the companies that has stepped forward to provide dancers with their needs.

Representation and diversity are extremely important when it comes to the dancing world.

Robinson was also invited to the show Good Morning America after her video went viral. POC dancers are not readily accepted by the dance world and she had to experience it.

A recent global event has motivated the change on a big scale

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The major shift happened in the market due to the black lives matter movement, as described by a student. She told during the interview that a petition was sent to the ballet brands to add more colors to their products and Suffolk was the first one to hear the plea and began doing changes.

There were supportive comments that you need to see