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Hooters got new uniforms and females employees are complaining about the disturbing and sexist new uniforms

Most people believe that wearing clothes is not just to keep themselves warm but it is also something that represents the standards and personality of a person. The type of clothes one wear shows off the personality of a person. People also follow a unique dress code when for the formal or informal events they attend.

You just not wear a uniform at schools but some work places have set a special uniform for their employees to make them look for formal. From doctors to policemen, everyone has distinctive uniforms that make them recognized from the others. Not just this but some companies require uniforms for their employees, it is usually for the employees to make them look more representative. Hooters came up with the new idea of earning more by changing the uniform of female employees.

Hooters restaurant changed their female’s employee’s uniform and females are not happy with the uniform change, but the change was not obligatory

Hooters is a restaurant that was first opened in the US in 1983. Since its opening, the restaurant became so recognized and popular that the restaurant has now 420 chains in 29 countries and 42 states.

The reason that made the restaurant so popular is its female staff. The female employees serve their customers by wearing a white tank top with the Hootie the owl on it with bright coloured revealing shorts.

Hooters girls are showing off their new uniform on TikTok and the videos are going viral

Hooters changed the uniforms of the female’s employees with much shorter shorts, which made everyone shocked. The female staff working at the Hooters called out this decision of the restaurant on TikTok and which became so viral and got everyone’s attention. All of this made the restaurant change its uniform policy by making it optional for the female workers there.

TikTok’s LexiusXOXO to know the opinions of the female workers working there. Lexi belonged to Valdosta State and completed her bachelor degree in Arts in sociology and physiology. She told the interviewer that she wanted to be a Hooters girl since high school so that she could fund her business and pay off her loans. She also told that it was her cousin that inspired her to be the Hooters girl.

When Lexi was asked about her opinion on the uniform policy she shared that she only get confused wearing it when families are out with their children, it is good otherwise.

Most females were not happy with this decision as according to them the new shorts look like underwear

The Hooters girls told it is their choice to choose between the old and new uniform. They can choose what style of uniform suits their body and style. They also told that the change in the uniform was made in collaboration with the female employees and told the restaurant in Texas gave positive feedback on this opinion.

The restaurant made this choice of the uniform optional for the female workers after hearing their views and allowed them to wear the uniform style that makes them comfortable

Some girls liked the idea of their new uniform but some girls didn’t like this idea. Most of the girls said this type of uniform does not fit best for the women working at the restaurants. Hooters girls shared their different remarks about the uniform on social media.

People always criticized the female employees of the Hooters for their over revealing uniforms and this time, it was more than enough

Many people come out in support of the Hooters girls for not forcing them to wear such revealing uniform