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Lady alter old thrift store to create new outfits and here are 7 best outfit modification

Thrift stores have changed the awareness of buying used clothes. It is the best way to promote usable items at a lower price. You can also find designer products from there and people use their unique sense of style to wear them in a modern way.

A 33-years old military wife namely Caitlin Trantham also known as Cait Conquers and “lady dress from Tiktok” transforms old outfits to completely best modifications into stunning outfits. Her magic expertise with needle-and-thread is something that everyone needs to see.

Here are the 7 best outfit modifications to best redesigns with before-and-after photos.


This is one of the best alterations. The dress is originally bought from @rentadress.rad. I bought the dress in spring and didn’t know much about what to do with it. As Halloween is approaching, I decided to make changes in the dress and dyed it dark. I used rit dye more in graphite for it after reading amazon reviews that are best made for synthetic fibres. I was aware that it won’t dye the whole dress into pure black but I decided to give it a chance. The body changes to a gorgeous silver and the underskirt turned perfectly black. I fixed the beading with my hand. This whole process took 10+ hours but was definitely worth the effort.


Very easy transformation with this 90’s floral dress. I began the alteration by dissembling at the creases. I decided to use the pattern for the body but finished with a huge transformation. I had barely sufficient fabric to make another bodice. It was very close to the front panel and finished turning it too wide, so I made an adorable little crease at the top and added a bow. I used the ruffle on the collar to use it as straps.


I am loving the transformation of this dress. Puff sleeves are back in fashion so I decided to keep them. The flip was really easy and wished that all of this was quick too. 


This dress is fully altered by dissembling every crease and sewing a whole new bodice. I used the previous trim with color blocking.


Apart from planning to go to the beach and BBQing, we were stuck in quarantine jail last day. I made this beautiful dress from a tablecloth. It was inspired by the Debbie wears in American Graffiti. 


Transformed this thrifted skirt into a cute dress. The pattern is from nhpatterns and I am loving the final results. I am in love with those patterns that don’t require too much fabric. 


I don’t like to call any dress ugly because everyone has their preference and also don’t like to make someone feel sad about it. But this dress is an exception. This dress was made with a lace bodice, collars, puff sleeves, full ankle length along a bow on the back. It seems to be a bridesmaid’s dress. I decided to alter the dress by remaking the bodice. I decided to use the same puff sleeves by putting elastic so that they can fit. The whole dress length was changed to small and decided to take a section from down below to make a skirt. I used the short hem to make it look less like old lady curtains.