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People criticized Adele on social media after she lost 98 pounds but her personal fitness supported her

Saying hello while walking down the streets and feeling on top of the world like a queen or king of the world and singing the heart out like there is no future tomorrow, this is what Adele music and voice do to people, make them courageous.

This time it is not her voice that grabbed the attention of the people but it was her birthday post that caught everyone’s attention. The 32-years old singer shared the birthday picture on social media thanking people for keeping everyone safe. But the people instead of appreciating started bashing her. She posted the picture that featured her amazing body shape by losing weight by wearing a classic black dress. People instead of appreciating her weight loss journey started criticizing her and started leaving negative comments under her birthday post.

When everyone started flooded mean and negative comments, this is where Adele personal fitness trainer Pete Geracimo came in and defended her efforts in losing weight which made her happy and healthy. Take a look at Pete Instagram post in which he wrote about Adele’s amazing body transformation.

Bored Panda approached Pete Geracimo for an interview, take a look what he had to say about all this situation.

This is the Adele’s b-day picture that left everyone in shock

People started criticizing the singer for her new slimmed body look

But Adele ex-fitness trainer came in and defended the efforts of the singer’s amazing body transformation

Pete told the host of the interview that the amount of criticism that Adele had received is what is too common in today’s world. He said that he felt compelled to remind people that they should not criticize anyone who aims to achieve their fitness goals. Improving fitness and health is the first and foremost priority of every client he had.

Pete said that he believed that there are people who think it is necessary to pinpoint others’ lifestyles, these are the people who personally lack motivation and incitement to bring positive changes to themselves. When they couldn’t help it, they start bashing other people’s achievements. Moreover, he also said that everyone has different fitness goals and achievements which should be respected rather than compared with others.

Pete suggested that everyone should consider little reality checks when it comes to the motivation of losing bodyweight. He further commented that he is a supporter of before and after body transformations. These transformation pictures help one to see the gaps that they are missing regularly. Moreover, it also shows that hard work pays off if you are motivated and passionate about bringing change to your body.

Some people criticized Adele and some people celebrated her achievement, but it felt like this also didn’t meet the unrealistic standards of the industry. Now when she turned 32 and posted the picture on social media, it was said that the singer has lost 98 pounds.

Peggy Drexler, a research physiologist said in an interview for CNN that there isn’t any good moment for the female singers when they undergo some major changes in their physical appearances. There is always criticism and there will always be gossips, he said.

He told that if there is something that Adele needs is our sympathy. It is very hard for a woman who had been in the limelight for her body weight for a long period. It feels impossible.

And then some people came out in support of Adele