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We created a collection with our Grandmother’s old wool carpets

A very long time ago, I used to adore my grandmother’s colorful carpets. I used to daydream about my grandmother that she is sitting at home by hand-knotting wool rugs while waiting for her husband who went to war. It is literally magic to play with 1000 yarn threads to weave on the loom. These are our ancestor’s stories, who are netting their sorrow into expressive splendid workmanship.

These conventional carpets have united families by passing a tradition from one age to another. These beautiful carpets were not the only thing she receives in her dowry as a bride from her mother but also a historical backdrop of her family and the craftsmanship like a mysterious magic spell.

These capsule collections were made to commend our legacy and to show the beauty of Romanian conventional workmanship and art. We put in a couple of months sneaking the internet about rugs that were made many years ago.

It is hard to imagine us today weaving traditional motifs thread by thread when everything can be made in just a matter of a short time. However, it is a great jump in fantasy from the last century.