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Women recreate the dumb and ridiculous poses of the Zara models

Zara is very well-known for its models that strike unique poses in different positions. Remi Bader, a New York TikToker and model recreated the poses of Zara Models. She also shared her unfiltered thoughts about these different poses.

If the clothes turned out to be something else she wore, Remi laughed her heart out at these pictures and promote the pictures to 2 million followers. The model told the E! News that clothing can never make one feel upset or discouraged. It is not anyone’s fault, this is just the way the fashion industry is.

Remi Bader, an NYC model, and TikToker decided to recreate the Zara poses

She recreated the poses of the Zara models by wearing the same models that the brand promoted

She started this after she left the job at Tidal back in July. She told me it was her dad’s idea to be into the modeling industry to be a curve or plus-size model. She said that she sent some of her portfolios to different modeling agencies. She also signed a contract with one of the agencies in August. She was very excited about the project but the project was too slow. So started TikTok so that she could spend her leisure hours.

When she started TikTok, she thought that the type of content she is creating is not what people will take a moment to see. She came up with the idea of doing videos like “this celebrity is a size 16” in which she was copying the style and outfits of others and created her version of the pictures.

When she was busy doing all this, she got an offer from Pretty Little Thing and Nasty Gal and discovered that every item of this is very small.

She told that she was taking selfie pictures and was sending them to her friends on Snapchat with the caption of how insane does she look. She made a TikTok video and it went pretty viral as it was all on the internet and made her shocked. She told that people were thanking her for bringing light to this thing. She further added this was where when she started it and started branding it like being realistic.

All the people following Remi loved this idea

She made a series out of this

When she started up, she never thought that she will be showing it to anyone other than her friends

She shared that she liked her job as if it is intended to be there for everyone. She shared that this might be the reason that people like her videos. She told that there also comes a time for her where she thinks that she doesn’t do too good sometimes as she wanted to give some to herself so that she could relax.

She came up with the new idea to embrace her success

She also used her platform to explain mental health, confidence, and brand inclusivity

Remi also shared about her struggle with mental health and overeating with her followers on different platforms. She said that it is very important to speak up on these real issues and raise awareness among the people. She told her community is all about helping each other and giving each other a real piece of advice.

She got millions of views on her videos

People are commenting way too much on her posts