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Cardi B flaunts a handmade porcelain dress in her new upcoming video

On the 20th of December, my jaw fell to the floor when I opened my mailbox. It was really a dream and I had set a goal that I want one of my dresses to be worn by Lady Gaga or Rihanna.

From the get-go, I was always taught that I had to set a goal for myself but I never expected that I would ever be asked by A-list celebrity Cardi B, the woman of the year 2020.

Two full-body porcelain dresses, stripper heels, leg pieces, corset, and handpieces were included.

During the time period of Christmas and New Year shipping period from Neither land to Los Angeles, both a hand and mouth full.

This was definitely going to be a challenge as I already had the experience of doing custom-made costumes which takes months, with all of this, I had to start immediately.

Cardi B was wearing my outfit

This is the original porcelain corset

The behind the scene while recording the video clip

I was running short on time to make any process photo. This picture features a quick shot of the suspender/panty/leg pieces

I also created the set of stripper heels

I made 2 costumes but unfortunately, this was not used in the video clip, the other one got selected

She was also wearing the porcelain jewelry

This picture features another custom order which was Venus themed

This is the valentine dusty pink corset

This is a quick shot of the full dresses

This is a handmade amethyst corset

This is an aquamarine crystal corset

This is a custom dusty pink and mint color

I really enjoyed creating this delft blue corset

Painterly waspie

Dusty pink or red roses porcelain corset