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The International Design Award goes to the extraordinary fashion designers

Scores of fashion designers around the world take part in The International Design Awards. All the fashion designers at the award show tried their best to prove to the judges at the show that nothing could stop them from creativity even in the worldwide pandemic situation.

These fashion designers think out of the box and come up with smart solutions that promote both beauty and sustainability.

  1. Killud

This is an incredibly unique concept that emerged from the idea of the broken car window. Out of a broken car window, the designer created a beautiful glassy piece of jewelry, a neckpiece to represent good fortune and sustainability. This collection is by Soost Ou.

2. Pod2: Explore/Gain

This concept of fashion design is inspired by the Art Poivre Movement and the Art Brut, Pod2: Explore/Gain which represents the brand’s core value and promotes sustainability and art.

This is a collection that that crossed the gender restriction and is inspired by the incredible work of April Dawn Alison, who is a secret female identity of the photographer based in Oakland, Alan Shaefer. This collection is by ALIEN.ELEVEN.

3. Bellua

Bellula came from the word Libellula which means dragonfly in Italian.

Dragonflies are always associated with the symbol of self-realization and change. The elegant flight of the dragonflies across the water mirrors flying beyond the surface with grace is something very beautiful and meaningful. This collection is by Fadi Nasr.

4. Summer/Spring 2021, ready to wear collection

This is a collection that is all about the tiny details, the minimalist. This collection has a touch of ancient Eastern collection that is combined with the modern twist. This distinctive collection features uneven pleats, uneven neckline, and hemline with the embellished logo button which is the same throughout the collection. This incredibly distinctive collection features sustainability and comfort. All the materials used in this collection are sustainable fabrics, including Linen, Modal, Silk, cotton blend, and Tencel.

This collection is by Ying Cai (New York Studio).

5. Wool scarf collection, 2021 New York City

This  2021 wool scarf collection is inspired by the NYC landscape, energy, culture, and eclectic architecture from the art deco to the super contemporary. The brand created the non-repeat, asymmetrical, and unique digital patterns by using a software program, which was designed by the studio team.

This collection is by Yen-Ting Cho Studio.

6. Long ethnic printed yellow jumper

This collection is a long yellow fusion design with an ethnic print. This photoshoot took place in Iceland. This collection is by SQUARE.

7. NOW

The NOW collection is here with a unique concept that the jewelry cannot be worn on special occasions now you can match it with your everyday outfits.

This collection is by Maja Matas.

8. Lingerie Hanami

This lingerie collection is inspired by the cherry trees of Japan that feature 6 tech sheets, materials, and moods. This collection is by Alejandro Soldevilla Ayestaran.