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The top Black model did her own makeup right 10 minutes before when hitting the runway as the makeup artist failed

Black British top model Leomie Anderson at her with Marc Jacobs at the age of 17. She has created an amazing portfolio and was the first to become Black British Victoria’s Secret angel.

Her profession has always been impacted by her race even till today in 2021. One week before, the model took her to social media to reveal her experience with a runway show where the makeup team was so unprepared and ill-equipped to work on her complexion and hair type that she needed to do it without anyone’s help.  

Model and fashion Entrepreneur Leomie Anderson was first scouted at the age of 14

All of this happened at a Christian Cowan runway at New York fashion week last month.

The makeup artist began by applying a foundation that doesn’t appear to seem fit with the model, then another artist failed to fix it. Anderson told that “she felt ugly” and did her own makeup within 10 minutes right before hitting the ramp.

There is also a video available that shows how badly her hair was handled. All this incident made her think to go home. She appealed to fashion houses to bring more black hair and makeup artists that no one should ever go through this.

Despite the fact that she top black model but her career is still affected by her race even in 2021

Anderson posted a video and show her online followers that “being a black model is doing other people’s job and also not being paid for extra work”

The model also shared a similar experience at Paris Fashion Week that happened in 2017. She created the hashtag #blackmodelsmatters and let people what they have to deal with in their line of work. The issue that was raised by Anderson makes no room for improvement within the business.

Sadly, this isn’t an anomaly

http://Image credits: leomieanderson
http://Image credits: leomieanderson

Other people responded to her video with similar stories

People said that the fashion industry should get better