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6 brave Covid-19 nurses became the face of Reebok’s new “Wonder Woman collection”

It is said that not all heroes wear capes. Some wear nursing gowns and are facing the global pandemic by staying on the frontline as health professionals. Currently, these courageous professionals are recognized in a campaign of Reebok’s new collection “Wonder Woman”.

The campaign features 6 brave nurses that belong from Boston, where the Reebok headquarters is located. The names of the nurses are Taylor Meyer (nurse practitioner), Kathryn D’Innocenzo (emergency room nurse), Vilma Pacheco (nurse practitioner), Suki Stiles (registered nurse), Solange Rosa (emergency room nurse), and Cassie Moy (registered nurse).

Reebok new collection was inspired by a new coming movie called “Wonder Woman 1984”

These nurses are putting their lives at risk by serving people in the frontline of the global pandemic. The vice president of global marketing at Reebok Caroline Machen said in a statement that we see them as real-life wonder women even if they don’t realise it. 

The campaign features 6 courageous nurses from Boston

Reebok also created a mini-documentary in which the nurse got the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences while staying on a frontline during this uncertain situation.

Reebok created a mini-documentary in which nurses share their experiences by working on a frontline

It was Friday and I was in ER and there were so many patients coming after one another, said Taylor Meyer in the video. It was hard for them to breathe. That was it. There was no way going back. Covid was here and we had to fight with it.

“While they might not see themselves as real-life wonder woman, we do”

The nurse Vilma Pacheco with tears rolling down her eyes said that we don’t know whether we are going to be sick or going to die. It was the most horrifying experience of her life. 

One of the nurses said “you don’t know how many people need each other until something like this happens.

Some nurses said that they haven’t met their families since the pandemic has started. The nurse Solange Rosa said that she hasn’t seen her family. She said that she wasn’t in the country in February and almost all over in March. After returning she worked in shift and couldn’t even hug her mother. She says she is very close to her family and it’s really hard for her.

Apart from all the challenges coming in with this pandemic, these wonder woman feels grateful to be working on the frontline. Suki stiles said that her friend told her that nursing is a thankless job but it’s not really like that. 

I had worked with amazing women and they are all wonder women

Taylor Meyer further said that she works with amazing women and they are all wonder women. Looking at them each day makes her a better woman every day.

These are the reactions of the people on this campaign