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Created 8 looks for plus sized women using only single shirt

I have always been told that you look fat wearing long shirts and also thought long dresses can only be worn with tights. But I was so wrong!

Here are 13 ways to pull off a maxi shirt in your combinations by staying within your closet. However, you should remember that not everything will match identically as seen in the photos. It’s only the inspiration and testing that you can use further to create your look.

1.Outer layer of clothing

It is suitable for the combination of both skirts and trousers.

Furthermore, the maxi shirt is suitable for winter to complement your outfit. You can also wear it with a dress or shorts during the summer. 

2.Going to the beach

Everyone has a perfect beach body and each beach body can style their look by wearing a long maxi shirt dress to the beach.

It’s a great way to protect your skin from the sun by looking gorgeous at the same time.

3.Evening look

You can create a sizzling look with your casual long shirt dress by wearing accessories and red lipstick on a romantic dinner.

4.Combination with pencil skirt on top

You can wear your maxi shirt dress with a straight cut or pencil skirt by tucking the shirt inside.

Don’t get worried if it’s a bit appearing at the bottom of the skirt. This combination will look chicer.

5.Comfortable home wear

If you want to make yourself comfortable at home, then you can wear your long shirts at home. It will make you feel relaxed. You can wear it with your leggings, workout trousers, or even just with the naked body.

6.With Skinny type pants

Same as wide-leg jeans, you can likewise wear a plus size maxi shirt with skinny jeans or pants. In this case, the suggestion is to wear one loose type, and the other could be close-fitting.

7.Day dress

It would look great to wear the long shirt with your favourite pantyhose or leggings or also bare feet if it’s warm

8.Match it with a sleeveless dress

It is commonly seen that women who wear plus-sized clothes avoid wearing sleeveless options. And if you belong among them, then wearing a maxi shirt dress would be so handy for you.

You can wear your sleeveless dress with an unbuttoned shirt over it. This would complement your look and you will have no longer bother about your lovely arms.