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Traveling Fashion Design: Picking 3 handmade fashion dresses for the trip to Turkey

Do you love traveling? Do you love fashion? How about fusing both and seeing the perfectly ideal fashion designs that complement the different locations in Turkey?

Going to Turkey was a dream for me and I was always very excited to go to Turkey. It was only a few days left to start the trip to Turkey, reserving the places to stay, booking flights, and last but not the least, matching the outfits to wear. As I was running short on time, I could have skipped the handmade outfits for the trip to Turkey. Also, I had not met my boyfriend for a long time, but the trip was worth the rush. Missing out on the handmade things in Turkey makes the trip incomplete. This is the only chance and it might not have come again. So, let the trip begins.

As I was very short on time, I had no time to shop for fabric but luckily, I had some stash of the fabric pieces. I picked up all the pieces from here and there like thrift store finds and gifts from friends. I did online research on Pinterest for all the famous places I could visit in Turkey (Antalya, Istanbul, Pamukkale, and Cappadocia), I made a note on the different color schemes and went around the home for the search of the fabrics. While looking through the stash of fabric I had at home, I found out three color schemes that will match my trip to Turkey. Blues, reds, florals, bright colors, and prints.

After picking up the color schemes, I chose the places that were amazing according to me. Pamukkale with the beautiful blue and white thermal pools, The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, and Cappodocia with the hot air balloons. I began with the three fabrics and matched them accordingly with the three locations.

These are the results of the amazing handmade outfits that I made according to the different locations. These beautiful handmade outfits have made up the perfect addition to my wardrobe.

  1. For The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, i made the stripped 70s pants

2. For Pamukkale, I made long blue fitted maxi to match the blue and white thermal pools

3. For Cappodicia, I made a red long floral dress for the ride in the hot air ballons.

4. Choose three fabrics for my trip to Turkey

5. Made own pattern for 70s styles pants

I cut out all the pieces for the pants

Here are the results

A perfect match of the dress for the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Cutting out the fabric for my outfit for Pamukkale

The blue long outfit against the white backdrop was perfect
The blue long maxi was ideal and perfectly complemented the water at the Pamukkale
Rose fabric for the floral dress for Cappodocia
Cutting out the rose fabric for the long floral dress
With lots of hard work, the final results are here
A perfect floral dress for a perfect dreamy place
A beautiful red handmade floral dress with hot air balloons behind me is a dream come true.