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Know these useful and life-saving tips shared by the TickToker before you attend any concert

There is no doubt about the fact that where there is a large crowd of people, the chance of happening of unexpected things is great. One of the most tragic incidents that are never forgetful is the Astroworld concert in which many people lose their lives to death and many were severely injured.

People who have a great fondness for attending the different concerts know that getting faint and dehydrated at the concert surrounded by the masses has become very common now. Not just this but there are other things as well that happen at the concerts. However, before going to attend any concert, you should be mindful of the surroundings as the guards there can’t keep an eye on every person who came to attend the concert.

Tess Stevens, an experienced attendee of the concert shared the most needed tips that will be quite very helpful to you when you attend any live concert.

1. Look at your back

Pushing of the people is something very common that happens in a well-crowded concert. This is something that can make you fall on the ground or make you injured. To overcome this situation, start screaming and raise your hands by pointing at the person who is pushing someone against you, doing this will make some people approach you and ease your difficulty.

2. If you happen to go to a concert that is all surrounded by women, they will watch out for you by becoming your protector

Tess Steven shared that this happened to her quite very often. She told whenever she started gaining weird vibes she made her way to the group of girls standing together and ask them to let her stand by their side.

3. Pick anyone up who fells down on the ground while moshing

People who began to mosh in the super energized music ambience are lost in their vibes and forget about the people who are around them. During this situation, if you see anyone fall to the ground, rush towards them and help them get up as quickly as possible.

4. Get help from the medical personnel in case of the emergency

When you are in the middle of highly crowded people, there are chances that you might get faint, experience difficulty in breathing, or become dehydrated, in this situation, there is no better option than seeking help from the medical personnel present there who is ready to cover you in case of any emergency.

5. Don’t take anything from anyone to drink

Getting sealed water bottles or soft drinks are fine but don’t ever take opened bottles from anyone present at the concerts.

6. Exit the crowd if you feel unstable

If you feel like both your feet are not touching the ground, in that situation, there is no better approach than to exit the ground covered with the crowd of people. Make sure that wherever you are standing, you are standing on both your feet confidently and firmly.

7. If you feel comfortable making new friends, go for it

While standing in the lines waiting for your turn to enter the ground, you can see scores of people around you who are there to attend the concert. If you feel comfortable and happy making new friends and knowing new people, it is your chance to make interactions with the people.

8. Make sure you eat and drink enough before leaving the house

Before making your way out for the concert, make sure that you have eaten well and drink a lot of water to avoid getting faint or dehydrated in the huge crowd.