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Women shows the expectation vs. reality pictures of the 10 dresses she ordered through The Wish app

Getting ready for the most awaited moment of life seems no less than a hassle that is quite very difficult to understand. It takes a lot of thought from sending the invites to arranging the entire setup of the occasion and choosing the most breathtaking wedding cakes. The whole arrangement for the wedding is not just limited to this checklist but it takes a lot more than this.

As every planning for the wedding gives a different level of stress to the bride but there is nothing more stressing than the choice of the perfect wedding dress that is among the most difficult choices to make. Shannon, a blogger from New Zealand shared the haul of the dress for her wedding day with her 3.14 million subscribers on YouTube except for the fact that the dress was ordered online and was very cheap.

You must be aware of the expectations vs. reality concept where you expect the arrival of the product in the same condition as shown on the website but the reality is really upside down. But all of this was not new to Shannon. She told that it took her so long to pick the best dress for herself as there were so many pictures which pretended to be the real designers. This article features the story that reveals how it all turned out when she bought the dresses online.

The famous YouTuber Shannon bought a collection of cheap dresses online to see which one goes best for her

Shannon’s first pick was an incredibly glittery and shiny wedding outfit that was worth $30

She shared that wearing that made her feel like a Barbie doll on top of the Christmas cake

Picking the perfect dress for the wedding is the most difficult choice to make for every bride out there. It seems like an easy choice to make but the reality is quite the opposite. Looking for the best wedding dress in a specific budget bracket is one of the most daunting things to do.

American brides spend an average of around $33,391 for their whole wedding including the venue and even the engagement ring. Where in 2009, the average cost for the wedding dress cost around $1,600. The prices for the wedding dress also varies from one region to another. According to the survey conducted by the Knot in 2019, it was revealed that spending the money for the wedding dress in the mid-west cost around $1.5k while in the Mid-Atlantic, the cost for the wedding dress reached around $2k.

The second pick of the dress was worth $34 whose quality was not that good but looked quite similar

On the other end of the spectrum, another survey was conducted that showed that the brides who shop the wedding dress for the intimate wedding spend quite less amount of money as compared to those who prefer a destination wedding celebration.

While some brides try their best to fulfil the dreams of their wedding dress, some brides go for a cheaper alternative like buying already owned dresses by the real brides or getting the bridal dresses on rent, while some choose to sell their wedding dress after the wedding is done.

Shannon shared another backless floral dress that was worth $16, she shared that it is an ideal choice for the ones who don’t want to spend too much money on the wedding dress

Many people have tried finding the perfect cheap dresses for the wedding on different online shopping platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and Wish. However, even if the quality and the price does not meet the expectations, many people just want to give a try at dresses that look nice.

This dress that was worth $13 looked exactly like Shannon had already but it was quite very different in real

This deep-neck white dress that was worth $23 looked quite very similar to the picture but is very thin in real

This beautiful white chiffon dress that was worth $16 looked a kind of similar but wasn’t exactly similar in real

This embroidered white dress with the beautiful silhouette was $25 but she wished if that could fit her perfectly

This incredibly beautiful white dress which is worth $40 that looked like a Cinderella made her look like a marshmallow from the bottom in real

This amazing beige colour dress that looked flawless in the pictures had so many flaws in real but Shannon loved its colour

This is what people reacted to her choice for the cheap wedding dress that was purchased online