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An engaged couple decided to celebrate their wedding without having over children and people are having different thoughts on this

Everyone wants to have a perfect wedding that goes off without a hitch. When it comes to planning a perfect wedding, everyone has their own perspective. Some go by opting for the traditional customs like the bride wearing the white dress and the groom wearing the black suit when the ceremony takes place in a church. There are also some people who prefer a destination wedding in a different place like beach or anything. After all, the choice all depends on the bride and groom on how they want their wedding to be celebrated.

If the guests want to be a part of the wedding, they had to adapt all the rules and regulations set by the host of the wedding. Even if it includes not bringing the kids with you, you had to follow this because not everyone wants children at their wedding.

Famous TikToker Lauren Ladouceur made that which went viral all over the internet in which she explained how to handle this issue and make an announcement to the wedding guest.

A bride’s video went viral on TikTok after she revealed that she the want a children-free wedding

Laura Ladouceur introduced herself to people as a 2022 bride. She is a marketing associate for Deloitte and likes sharing some productive tips with her followers on social media. When her wedding was around the corner, she flooded her TikTok with the wedding planning and arrangement among which included a video in which she shared that she does not want to have children at her wedding. This video of her went viral with over 1.5 million views.

Lauren spoke on her concern when she was asked by her follower about how to make this sound not so weird as people might consider it a sensitive matter

One of Lauren’s followers asked her if she have any children at the wedding. If not, then how is she going to say no to children in a polite way?

Lauren told she conducted a FAQ section on her website particularly for weddings in which the answer to the question was in the wording that although they love your little ones it is an adult-only matter except for their ring bearer.

Lauren address to this concern by saying that the wedding event is only meant to be for adults which she thought is the right way to answer

She further shared that the only child who is allowed to enter the ceremony is the ringbearer, who will be picked up immediately before the reception begins.

The FAQ section on her wedding website made her really happy as according to her that going this way will make the wedding go smooth and allow the couple to set their limitations which had to be followed by the guess in order to make the event stress-free.

Not just this advice seems quite useful but it also offended some other people which was shown in the comments

The video which went viral was made in response to the question asked by the follower and was not intended to give a verdict about whether or not kids should be allowed at the wedding. The comments on the video were showered with lots of opinions which somehow created the general discussion under the video.

This video received a lot of backlashes as everyone had different opinions to say. Some said that if the kids are not allowed at the wedding then if the bride will be paying for a babysitter. Some said that wedding is a family celebration as children are the part of every family, it is quite a very weird thing to have a wedding without children.

Where some people were leaving negative comments, there were also some people who came in support of the bride. Everyone has different opinions as they think where there is alcohol, there shouldn’t be children and it is impossible for parents to enjoy the wedding if they had to babysit their children at the wedding.

In response to the negative opinions she received, Lauren shared that it is a right of every couple to celebrate the wedding just the way they want

Read the comments below and see what people had to say about this

The couple only wanted to make their wedding children-free as they want to keep the wedding going smoothly without any stress and tension. The guests should be invited to the wedding should consider the wish of the couple and follow whatever they say.

Everyone had different perspectives on not inviting children over for the wedding