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Bride kicked out her friend from her wedding after she rocked the look more than her

Marriage is something that people always want to achieve perfection by planning months earlier than the actual celebration to ensure the celebration goes off well without the hitch. There is nothing wrong with this as who will not want their perfect wedding. A wedding that is meant to make two people as husband and wife should be the most memorable to the couple that is going to get married.

As a wedding is an indispensable part of every religion and culture, the couple starts planning everything ahead of time to make their big day truly a magical one. A wedding holds such a valuable meaning in which the vows of the couple seal their love together for a lifetime.

However, instead of focusing on the vows, people focus their attention on other things to make the wedding perfect.

Everyone wants a perfect wedding but then the insignificant things take a bizarre turn

This is a story about a girl named Alena who shared her story about how her close friend uninvited her from her wedding just because she looks better than her.

Alena posted a TikTok video which went viral with over 10K comments and 7 million views in which people shared their opinions about the ridiculous act or her close friend.

Alena got uninvited from her close friend’s wedding because of the way she looked

Alena is a German model who made it to TikTok about this strange act that happened to her by her closest friend just because she looked too good than her. Alena was very excited about her friend’s wedding which was around the corner so that she could be there for her friend on her most special day.

The bride-to-be decided to go out before the wedding and choose a dress for Alena personally. When the wedding was near, she received shocking news in which she was not invited to the wedding because she looked too good.

The level of insecurity of the bride where she just had to push her close friend out of the wedding just because she looked better than her is really very ridiculous and strange. But the bride picking the dress for Alena for herself before the wedding is even more shocking.

Despite the ridiculous act of her close friend, Alena didn’t let this situation make her sad or upset. She keeps herself happy by taking pictures while wearing the stunning and gorgeous sequin gown.

When it comes to weddings, people want everything perfect even if it does not seem to be right. The long-awaited day that was supposed to be very special cannot become special if people focus their attention on the materialistic and visual things. All this can only lead to unnecessary drama and trouble that takes the charm out of the wedding.

Unluckily, this is Alena’s story in which her close friend prioritized irrelevant things and did not value her relationship with her.

Many people showed support to Alena and left heartfelt comments under her post

Many people thought that the bride was right as well