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The woman wore a bizarre costume while taking her dog on a walk during quarantine and he looks embarrassed

The dancer from West Cornwall in the UK namely Clare Meardon takes her dog, Hendrix, on a walk while wearing jaw-dropping costumes. She started doing this after her friend’s dared to step outside wearing unusual clothes. Therefore, Clare’s now making everyone smile with her video clips that are recorded by her husband Aidan.

Clare had tried different dressings such as a superhero with a mask, ballerina, and also as a unicorn. She said that she started doing it for her friends to make them smile during the hard times. It was really fun.

She dresses up in a new costume every day with her dog Hendrix

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Hendrix, the dog also posted about his reactions towards the costumes

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Clare said that it was a normal morning walk with her husband and then she decided to do it with a theme dress. She further said that those walks are outside her own house in order to stay in line with government rules.

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The dancer also got the way to keep herself fit physically and mentally during the lockdown.

Take it slowly. You don’t have to mess your life by taking it too seriously. Stand up and do it and you will feel better as soon as you do something productive or physical. The 10 minutes of exercise will make you feel at the top of the world by boosting your mood and endorphins will make you feel a better day.

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She further said that everyone is responsible for their own health and well-being. We can only help you to get better along the way. If anyone wants to see a workout of 1-minute plank, Pilates, stretching, or fitness, then you can watch the short video clips on Instagram and Facebook. You need to feel great. All the workout videos are for free. The purpose is to share fun and fitness with everyone during this tough situation.

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The dancer dressed up as a ballerina for one of the dog’s walk

She said that this is exactly the moment when she realized that this could be a funny photo opportunity. Her friends dared her to dress up like that and she sent the photo to them.

Clare dressed up as a Unicorn

Clare said that she want to put a smile on everyone’s face during this tough lockdown situation. Laughter is the best medicine for everyone, especially in this hard time. She added further, mental health is equally important for her as physical health. You can’t be healthy if your head is full of negativity.

Clare is rocking as a superhero with her doggo at a side

Hendrix expressions say it all!

This is Clare’s workstation

The dancer believes that every character she represents defines a part of her personality and tells about how she feels on that particular day. The concept of the superhero costume came to her mind after the desire of being fierce and she can be sexy and sassy at the same time.

Here are people reactions to Clare’s photos