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Girlfriend postpones her decision of moving in with her boyfriend after realizing he’s totally clueless when it comes to basic chores

Moving in together in a relationship is a wholesome feeling of excitement and commitment. It can also turn stressful no matter how excited and great it is. No matter what couples believe how good are they for each other, but living together can change their perspective. It is a great way when people to start realizing what could go wrong in the future. 

The same happened with Reddit user @napsandhugs when she wanted to know that whether she was wrong for refusing her boyfriend and teaching him how to do basic household chores.

Moving in with your partner is the most exciting yet committing step towards a relationship

The 20-years old woman shares her experience about the decision that she and her partner had made about living together. The woman lives in her own apartment while her boyfriend lived at the house. They both were trying to find an apartment where they both can live together.

The Reddit user asked online whether she had done the right thing to refuse her partner for not moving together because he doesn’t know the basic chores

The woman discovered that her partner’s mother used to do everything for him, she suggested her partner learn a few things before they start living together

The woman discovered in a conversation that her partner doesn’t know laundry. She further asked him if he knows basic things like cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. But he told him that he had never done any of these things. This is when they both started exchanging arguments about their moving together.

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She finds a solution to the problem where she asked her partner to learn to take care of himself first so that she can’t be the only one to do everything by living together.

After all of this, the couple changed their opinions. The woman was agreed that she will move in together after her partner would get responsible for doing some of these things.

Her boyfriend didn’t like the idea and said it’s stupid to postpone the move based on this situation. He said that they both can figure out this issue as soon as they will start living together. The girl was in a tough situation because she don’t want to be the person who has to do everything alone. She was also embarrassed about refusing him to teach everything by herself.

The woman asked the people online what they thought of this situation as she is totally unaware of what’s being right

People in the online committee supported the girlfriend that her boyfriend should know all of these things before starting to live together

People also shared their personal experiences of getting trapped by their partners