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Mom wishes to make her mentally ill daughter be her younger daughter bridesmaid but the bride to be didn’t like the idea

It is very hard for anyone to have any person in the family who is not enough capable of taking care of themselves. All of their life revolves around one person who takes care of them. You cant get rid of that responsibility knowing the fact that you are abandoning your family member. It feels guilty and will cause disputes with other family members.

The Reddit user namely tiredsister87524 has to experience this difficult situation because she has one sister who is mentally ill and she has to take care of her throughout her life. She is going to get married and her mother is expecting her mentally ill sister to be her bridesmaid and she is having a problem with this.

The woman received a negative reaction from her family as she doesn’t want her mentally ill sister to be her bridesmaid

The bride’s name is Sarah who is 25-years old, whereas, her sister is 27-years old. It is very hard for Sarah’s sister to live a normal person life and requires constant monitoring and support. The disease of her sister is not revealed but she says that her need is very complex and they are conflicting sometimes.

Sarah was taking care of her sister since she was 8 after her father got a stroke. Her mother couldn’t manage to take care of her alone. She has two elder brothers but they were not sharing her responsibility. Sarah was 19-years old when her father passed away and her mother has been the primary carer of her daughter.

Sarah has an older sister who has a severe mental issue and she has to take care of her

Throughout these years, her sister did unforgivable things that Sarah herself understands it was because of her illness

Sarah told it was really difficult for her to live with her sister and to let go of her nasty behavior. She further says that the sisterly relationship had been lost and she no longer feels the sisterly connection between them.

Based on her previous experience, Sarah does not want to make her sister the bridesmaid as she is aware of the consequences

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Sarah doesn’t want her sister to be the bridesmaid because all time she can remember how her actions have caused the trouble. But it was not her mistake as its a result of the illness.

Sarah wants her sister to attend the wedding as a regular guest

Her mother got upset and her brothers would devastate the older sister

The OP wants her sister to attend the wedding as a regular guest so that her mother can keep an eye on her. Bridesmaids are those people you care a lot about you, but she had lost a sisterly connection with her so there’s no point for her to be the Bridesmaids as she doesn’t meet the requirement.

Sarah was in real trouble as it’s her family tradition to always choose sisters as bridesmaids. Her mother was disappointed and hopes that Sarah will not take care of her sister and she is too old for that.

Sarah did not want to upset her family but she was also curious to think what her family thinks

The family reactions have made her question her evil identity. She also thinks of following this obligation to make her sister the bridesmaid, but she wants to make her wedding decision willingly.

Other Redditors comes in completely supporting her decision and reasoning