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Pirates Hollywood movies made people believe 8 ridiculous facts

You can find scores of movies and books whose subject revolves around the lives of the pirates. Today, we have a very general concept about the pirates is a pirate is a captain who is on the hunt for digging treasure on the deserted island with the parrot on his shoulders. Along with the parrot, he also has a whole crew of sailors who either have missing eyes or wooden legs. Regardless, all the facts we are known about the pirates are just fiction.

In this article, Bright Side has revealed 8 famous myths about the pirates after watching dozens of pirate movies.

Myth 1: only men used to be pirates

Everyone has heard that the woman on the pirate ship always come along with bad luck. But in the case of the pirate stories, this is not really a case.

Everyone has heard that the woman on the pirate ship always come along with bad luck. But in the case of the pirate stories, this is not really a case. For instance, Jeanne de Clisson went to the sea with the black flags to take revenge on her husband by selling all the property that belonged to her.

Sayyiada Al-Hurra, a famous female pirate took control of the Mediterranean sea at the starting of the 16th century when she used to work with another pirate named Barbarossa.

Myth 2: pirates are always criminals and murderers

Pirates were always believed to be the most ruthless murderers. But this is not actually the truth when it comes to reality. The poor income and worse work conditions made sailors like the pirates.

However, in general, pirates were used to be really very quiet. The only thing that mattered to them was to grab their hands on the goods. There were also the pirates who were committed to only frightening others and making their image.

Myth 3: pirates are only seen at the seas

Pirates are not just seen at the seas but sometimes they also make try their best to conquer the other nearby fortresses and cities. Hayreddin Barbarossa was known for intruding on some cities of Italy and Spain and became the ruler of Algeria.

Another pirate, Henry Morgan was also famous for land expeditions. He had also invaded and conquered Panama and became the vice-governor of Jamaica several years after conquering Panama.

Myth 4: pirates force prisoners to walk the plank

In the book “A General History of the Pirates” Daniel Defoe was the first writer who wrote about the walking of the prisoners on the plank. This idea of making the prisoners walk on the plank was also shared by other writers which also became popular. However, there is no such proof in the real that proved that pirates were involved in doing such things.

Myth 5: pirates have all the absolute power

It is quite very surprising to say that, unlike the military ships, pirates had all the key positions to be elected as candidates and they also possessed the developed democracy. This absolute power of the pirates has pushed the sailors into getting the work overload, not being fed, and not getting paid enough.

Whatever decision the pirates made was a mutual decision with their prisoners about where to go, what to do, and who to rob. There was only the rule of the captains which had to be followed by the sailors.

Myth 6: all pirates dig for treasure

A popular myth says that the pirates bury the treasure on the deserted islands so the world forgot about all the gold and treasure. But this myth is not true. There are some famous robberies among which included the William Kidd’s whose treasure was found by the government effortlessly in no time. After which he was sentenced to prison. Francis Drake’s treasure has another famous story that he hid and then came back for the treasure.

Apart from grabbing their hands on gold and jewels, they also steal fishing nets, medicines, food, weapons, and other necessary things which were needed for their survival.

Myth 7: pirates have wooden legs and hooks instead of hands

You might have heard about the pirates with wooden legs and missing eyes. This was true as pirates often got severely injured. However, there are some things that are still fictional. However, pirates wearing the eye patches were not due to the cause of injury but the eye patches were worn to adjust the light when they wanted to attack at the dark areas of the ships.

Myth 8: parrots on the pirate’s shoulder are their loyal companions

During the times of piracy, pirates used to have exotic animals with them. As parrots were quite very easy to transport, pirates transported parrots with them. However, there is no such evidence that proves that parrots were the loyal companions of the pirates.

Another thing that we have known for sure is that there were cats that used to be transported on the ships. Cats were quite good enough for catching the rats and mice. Cats were believed to be the animals that bought good luck.