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The man paid his ex’s Mortgage and showed their friendship still exists even after their breakup

Sometimes relationships end with personality differences, less positive interactions, and low satisfaction overall. All of these things make a toxic relationship that ends up being apart from each other. The same happened with Shaun Nyland and Cat Keenan. They have been together for 8 years and create content on Facebook. However, their relationship ended, yet family is the most important than anything.

We are inspired by their relationship positivity and hope it brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Both are together since 2013

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They both got together during a night out in 2013, as told by Shaun in an interview. They have 2 kids and have made appearances in their videos on Facebook.

Both decided to set their ways apart after living together for 8 years. Shaun told about the relationship that they have not split their ways into bad terms. They broke up because their relationship was turning more into a friendship than a lover’s. Both Shaun and Cat spend all day together working on social media.

We are doing it for the sake of our family

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They both are raising their kids together even after splitting up. Cat told about her relationship that they have 2 kids and it’s very important for them to be around their parents.

The lifetime present

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Both the parents were so concerned about their kids and it was one of the reasons that Shaun decided to surprise Cat. He paid for her mortgage so that Cat should not get worried about them with the burden of paying for a mortgage.

Shaun was surprised with this big thing on her birthday and said he is so proud of her for being the best mom. Cat told that she had no idea about it and it was a complete surprise.

We are at a good place and think to get on so well

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Their bond has made us realize that their separation has nothing to do with their relationship. Both can never change despite having a breakup.

Parents always put themselves in a second-place for the favor of their kids and they both have done the same thing. There is so much to learn from their experience.

Kid’s happiness is the priority for them

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They both set a beautiful example for their kids. There are so few people who would do this for their loved ones. It’s no less than a surprise.