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Why do people date the same kind of a person

Everyone is well aware of the fact that there comes a point in a relationship where there is no other solution than to end it. According to some researchers, it is quite normal to date the different types of a person when someone puts their relationship to end. Sometimes, it could be a problem as well as people are always inclined to date the person that looks like their ex-partners. According to science, the partners may look different similar but there is something but hides deeper into their personalities.

Bright Side has given light on the reason that why people tend to date the same kind of a person after ending their relationship. In this article, we have shared some of our findings with the people.

Ex-partners and currents can have similar personality traits but they differ in physical appearance

According to researchers, there are some passive factors that make people pick the same type of a person for dating. It might include working in the same professional field or attending the same social events. Take an example of Kate Hudson who loved music and got married to the frontman of The Black Crowes in 2000. Later, she started liking a band rocker Matt Bellamy and got engaged.

There are also active factors like looking for partners that have the same facial expression and being extroverts in nature, etc. People start going to different parties where they could meet such types of people.

Picking the same nature and type of partners is easier and less stressing

People are also inclined towards picking partners who have the same interests and the same perspective on life. It is often said that when you wanted everything as before, then it does not make you think that what you are doing. Your mind makes you do the same things without making you think about them. All of this makes the mind relaxed and less stressed. So, dating the same type of person is not that stressful but it is less stressful.

According to psychologists, following the same route can be effective sometimes but it does not always lead to a good ending.

Sometimes you are surrounded by negative and violent people that make you do different things. Growing as an adult makes it easier for you to communicate with such types of people which leads you to make wrong decisions, and living this way of life becomes comforting for you.

There is always an inclination of dating someone who is the same as yourself but the preferences might vary

Researchers made very interesting research. They recorded data from 332 people and asked them to pick the statements among “they are modest and reserved” and “they are interested in different things”. All the responses of the people showed that people with their current partners detail themselves in a way similar to their old partners.

There is a possibility that we might resemble our partner this doesn’t mean that we are confined to the same patterns. According to some study, extroverts are more into dating people with different types of personalities.